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Hi There!
Welcome to my webpage!  I've done a lot of updating lately so it's kind of new and improved!

Robbie Rob is in da house!

Click on the Disco Ball above to begin your journey through the world of Rob!

special note to AOL users:

AOL user's aren't always shown the most recent information on websites.  Service providers (such as AOL) often "cache" WWW pages to cut down on traffic across their network.   To better ensure you're viewing the most current updated version of sites, go to the "MEMBERS" menu at the top of your AOL browswer and choose "PREFERENCES".  Click the "WWW" icon on the window that appears.  You'll find a window with general preferences.  Look for "TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES" near the middle of the window.  Click the "SETTINGS" button to the right.  You'll see three choices for checking for newer versions of cached pages.  Choose "EVERY VISIT TO THE PAGE".  This should allow you to see the newest version of every page you visit.

for Internet Explorer users:

Push the "SHIFT" key on your keyboard while clicking "REFRESH" on your browser.