This is the part where I tell you the boring tale about how Poliziani Inc. came to life...

     It all started on June 17th, 1989.(Day after Tupac was born) Michael Sante Poliziani was born. God sent one of his own downtown. Anyways, our boy Mikey grew up in a good family, with good friends, good grades and good cheese. But all was not well in his world. At the age of thirteen he longed for adventure, so he started a fictious business... pretty damned interesting.

     Poliziani Inc. was created in 2003, during one of Michael's religion orals where he made an interesting Powerpoint slideshow which featured a short POLIZIANI INC. introduction... kind of like in the movies. It became an instant hit amongst his classmates, so Michael's company name stuck.

     In September 2004, during his first English class, Michael was asked by his wonderfull teacher Mrs. Seton if he had a nickname, because in the past students had given her their nicknames instead of real names. Michael took this as an opportunity and asked his teacher to call him Poli, an abreviated version of Poliziani. (Michael was originally named Poli during elementary school and decided to bring it back)

     Poli had always had a love for drawing and humour, even though he had an extremely bad talent in both of them. He began drawing comics hoping people would enjoy them. Even after all of the criticism he continued to draw his Poli. Inc. logo on all of his work.

     Michael Poliziani now lives in Montreal and attends College Notre-Dame (not a college... it's just french) where he is surrounded by supportive friends.... familly. He began this site so his comics could be shared with the world.

     Poli just realized that he wrote a whole paged autobiography on himself... Poli just shook his head in humility. Heheheh.