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Politica is a forum for independent analysis of political events around the World


Reviews of selected political writings.

Recent Book Reviews

Blum, W. 2001. Rogue State. 
Brisard, J.C., & Dasquie, G. 2001. Bin Laden, La verite interdite. 
Bourdieu. P. 1996. Sur la Television. 
Chomsky, N. 1999. The New Military Humanism. 
Chomsky, N. 1999. Profit over People. 
Chomsky, N, 2000. Rogue States. 
Cooley, J. 2000. Unholy Wars. 
Diamond, J. 1998. Guns, Germs and Steel. 
Drevet, J.F. 2000. Chypre en Europe. 
Finkelstein, N. 2000. The Holocaust Industry. 
Hitchens, C. 2001. The Trial of Henry Kissinger. 
Hobsbawm, E. 2000. the New Century. 
Johnson, C. 2000. Blowback. 
Lemoine, M. 2001. La Dette. 
Moore, M. 2002. Stupid White Men. 
Moore, M. 2003. Dude, Where's My Country?
O'Malley, B., & Craig, I. 2001. The Cyprus Conspiracy. 
Sagan, C. 2000. Cosmos. 
Solomon, N. 1999. The Habits of a Highly Deceptive Media. 
Stiglitz, J. 2002. Globalization and its discontents. 
Vidal, G. 1998. Virgin Islands. 
Vidal, G. 2002. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. 
Vidal, G. 2003. Dreaming War.


Recent Film Reviews

Moore, M. 2002. Bowling for Columbine. 


Recent Press Reviews

Anonymous, 07/03/03. The Moral Imperative - The Economist.
Huntington, S. March/April 2004. The Hispanic Challenge - Foreign Policy.