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Poljot Watches History

Poljot watches history is connected with the history of Russian and Soviet aviation. All Soviet battle airplanes were completed with airborne clocks made in the 1-st Moscow watch factory from 1930-s. The pilots and navigators of military aviation could not fly without a wristwatch with "The 1-st Kirov MWF" mark and later with "Poljot" (Flight) mark.

Poljot Watches - First Watches in Space

Poljot watches were taken into the first space flight in the history of man on April 12 1961 by Yuriy Alekseevich Gagarin. It was the model "Shturmanskie" (Navigator's). Poljot watch successfully sustained the space trial. The staff of the enterprise maintained close contacts with the cosmonauts: during the time in space our cosmonauts observed the factories devices of time. Poljot watches were taken to space flights by astronauts from France, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and set a record in duration of a space flight together with V.V. Poljakov.

Poljot Watches - President Watches

The high level of technological development, design and the high quality of Poljot watches are also confirmed by the fact that the administration of the President of Russia has chosen a Poljot watch 3133 as a government award "From President of Russia"!

Poljot Watches

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Poljot watches possess the heightened reliability, accuracy of the run, durability of clock-works. Thanks to the modern classic design which is capable to satisfy tastes of the most refined buyers, high quality of production, perfectly organized service and reasonable prices, Poljot watches won the recognition not only at the Russian watch market but also at the foreign ones.

The history of Vostok watches dates back to 1942 when one of the Moscow watch-making plants was evacuated to a little town Chistopol located on the Kama River in the central region of Russia. All manner of Defence equipment was made at the factory during the war years. As soon as the war was over, however, they started to make mechanical wristwatches - the main production ever since. In 1965, the factory became an official supplier of the Soviet Union Department of Defence. This year marks the creation of the world famous "Komandirskie" (Commander's) wristwatches that demonstrate the highest standards of precision, reliability, and resistance to unfavourable conditions. Nowadays, Vostok wristwatches are awarded various international prizes and prove very popular both in Russia and abroad for a combination of high precision, reliability and modern design.

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