I bet most of you gamers have played this game before. @#$%, I bet most gamers can name it. If you can't, I can. It's HALO. For most of you people you have HALO on Xbox, but these screen shots are from HALO for PC. I own this game and can't say enough good things about it. But you migh be wondering "Is it that good of a game?". @#$% yes! I have played this game through 6 to 7 times and STILL can't get enough!!!! For those that DO play HALO for PC you might be wondering "When is HALO 2 coming out for PC???" Guess what??? I'M WONDERING THE SAME THING!!!!!!! I can't wait till HALO 2 comes out for PC. I have friends that have ALREADY BEATEN HALO 2 20 TIMES!!!
Now some gamers know this game and some do not. I do. And I think it ranks near HALO. Its called MechWorrior 4: Mercenaries. It is a good game with ok graphics. It is about as big as HALO but not quite. It is fun to play on multiplayer whith all your friends. You can try it at http://www.microsoft.com/games/mw4mercs/downloads.asp. Give it a try!! You might even like it. If you DO like it, I will be starting, sometime in the future, my own MechWarrior clan called THE MERCENARIES. If you are interested in joining please e-mail me at pollittfamily@bellsouth.net.
This game is probably more popular than MechWorrior 4, but not better. It does have better graphics and more over-all mission play (if you have the expantion packs:) but I like the games in different ways. But if you want to see for yourself BUY IT!!! EA Games currently DOES NOT have a demo. You must buy this game for yourself (if you don't allready have it).