Computer Project
This site is deticated to my 4-H project on computers. This site contains information on computers and computer components. For questions about this website please e-mail me at
This is the brain. This is where it all starts. Looks complicated dosen't it? This is a motherboard, the heart of a computer. This is where all the prossessing is done and where everything plugs in. The motherboard is the most important part of the computer. Without it, it would not even be a computer! This certain motherboard is made for AMD prossessor chips and has DUEL PROSSESSOR PORTS! THIS IS A NICE MOTHERBOARD!
These are hard drives. They store all the information that you put on the computer. If you look at the  hard drives (right) there are round disks. These are what hold the information. The information is written and held on magnetily. Did you know that if you swipe a magnet over a hard drive all of the information that it holds will be eraced? Better be careful!!!
These are power supplies. The ones on the right are for laptop computers. All power supplys plug into the wall, but laptops have special batteries so you can unplug them and take them anywhere. Altho, after a while, you have to recharge the battery. Desktop computers are not portable and CAN NOT be unpluged from the wall. DO NOT try to unplug, repiar, or install new hardwhere on the desktop WHILE IT IS RUNNING. You risk being shocked or it might damage the computer if you do. Before doing anything with the inside of a computer, allways shut off, and unplug before continuing.