Polly Diamond's CD Collection

Welcome to my CD collection which is mainly 80's and 90's pop, eurobeat, PWL, and hi-NRG etc. I'm interested in trading original CDs and CDRs with other collectors.

This is page is very much 'under construction'. Apologies for the dire art and design :-) Please contact me if you find anything missing or incorrect.

Listings updated: January 2002.

Still to come.... CD Singles and my custom CDRs.

Artist CDs
Various Artist CDs
Artist CDs
with track listings
Various Artist CDs
with track listings
Zip file of ALL the above

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  • CATraxx - how I catalogue my collection
  • 121cdr - great for cheap CDRs by mail (UK)
  • cdrLabel - how I label my CDRs
  • Arnaud/France
  • Andy/UK
  • Sonny DJ
  • Max Robin Italo Disco

  • polly_diamond@yahoo.com


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