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Poly-Cal  is:

In the beginning there were two. Since then there has been visitors to this site.

Poly-Cal started with just two people (ironically), Strix Nebulosa & Starlight, who felt that there should be a group, a mailing list, a place... anything for poly minded people in the Calgary area. The closest thing we could find was a small group in Edmonton. (For those not raised in Calgary, the natives here like to pronounce it "dead-man-town"). Considering all the rivalry our two fine cities have endured, well, it was time to burry the hatchet and venture north as two unlikely ambassadors.

Well, we were going to go.

We decided that the trip would be hard on the old pocket books, not to mention trying to drive that far in a little tiny truck... So here we are, starting a group of our own in Calgary.

So far we have...

This page is the online version of what we are trying to accomplish through a poly friendly cafe called Words. Actually Words, is just a friendly place overall and doesn't go out of it's way to encourage or discourage anything in particular. As we are both regulars ( I actually work there from time to time) we figured that until Poly-Cal is big enough to support office space, it would do just fine. We have also started a mailing list and a monthly newsletter. Send an e-mail to us at poly_cal@hotmail.com to sign up or just ask questions.

What is our purpose?

Simply put, we would like to meet and be in communication with all the polyamorous people in the 403 area code. We want to be a resource center, a support group, and a social club. Hopefully we can keep this going well enough on a totally free basis so as to keep membership fees where they are right now, $0.00! (Donations are appreciated however).

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For more information please read the first newsletter April 2000 or

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