This web page doesn't have much...

      Welcome to my personal web page. There is not (much) on this page since I spend most of my (web development) time maintaining my other web page(s), which is reserved for a select group of people anyways. I can be reached at the following email address If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me.

      My resume is also available here.


      I have recently (4/15/02) finished a DNA translation program in JavaScript. If you have any questions about it, please email me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is essentially completely finished (besides a few things I'd like to update).

      I have re-started (January 2004) a Restriction Enzyme JavaScript which will take an inputted (copy and pasted or choose a text file) DNA sequence and digest it with a user-selected restriction enzyme (one chosen from ~500 on a pull-down selection box--thanks to REBASE). It'll tell you how often it cuts and what the sizes of your fragments would be. It won't, however, give you a pretty picture to display the bands you'd see if you ran it on a gel (I've seen a couple of programs that'll do that, e.g., but I've no idea how to write that, not yet at least). This script of mine should be a little more dynamic in the sense it'll allow the user to use their own sequence, not just one that has been already sequenced. I've got a couple more ideas for the page, but before actually listing them I'll try to get them done, it'll be a surprise :)

      If you have any ideas for a good piece of Bioinformatics software, please email me and let me know what you'd like it to do and how you'd like it to look. JavaScript it used since it allows an easy means to make a 'pretty' user-interface, it allows anyone to use it if they like, it allows open-code so others could modify it (but please give some credit to me!), yahoo! supports the file-type (unlike cgi scripts or asp pages), and updates automatically take place next time you access the page :P.