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This site began in January 2004, as a result of members from the official george forum deciding that they needed a chat room to get to know each other better. So the make shift site was created for all of us to gather and contribute to.

However with the forthcoming official chat room *yay* it is time for the site to change focus. For years I had contemplated making a george fansite only to procrastinate on the issue, but now with input from the forum fans we have begun to develop a nice cosy abode.

So take a wander round, feel free to drop by the board and join in our chatter or contact us and send in your photos or gig reviews!

See you round,


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Thanks to Esined & the specialones-

NOV/DEC: For years Myers Grace Brothers released a compilation of popular Christmas themed songs by the artists we know and love. This year is no different, as a band we all love to bits will be featured on the CD...yes, george!
They will be featured singing John Lennon's christmas song 'Merry Christmas! (war is over)'
All proceeds are donated to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

3 Days On The Green
george will be playing at this festival, official site for more info

Saturday 6th November - Coolangatta Estate - Shoalhaven NSW
Saturday 13th November - Poets Corner - Mudgee
Sunday 14th November - Sandalford Estate - Perth

August 21: Saturday, 6:30pm, george's "Music Max" session is sheduled to be on our screens... that is if you're fortunate enough to have the Music Max channel on cable!!

June 23: Unity is released by Sony Japan

Mornings with Kerri Anne screencaps by rougevelvet here

GirlTV screencaps by rougevelvet here

One, on RAGE, from Music Max screencaps by rougevelvet here

Jaded, on 110% Tony Squires, screencaps by rougevelvet here

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This is not an official site, but it was derrived from fans at the official george website message board. All content is created by the fans, with the exception of lyrics posted, which will be credited to the original composer/author.
Big hugs and a special thank you to all the members of george and to fans @ the george forums!
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