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BISS Am/Int'l Ch Pawegre Dennis Menace
Exclusively shown by
Richard F. Sedlack

Dennis is available for stud use, to approved bitchs only.


We are back online and in our new home.
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To see our trip to the televised
2005 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Where Dennis & I helped with the Meet the Breed Stand

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We are  located in beautiful Palmetto, FL. 
We are dedicated to improving this fantastic breed and showing them in the conformation ring

  I started in Pomeranians in 1998. After a couple years, of being in the breed,
I met a women named Pat Murk on a Pomeranian board.
Who happened to live only about a mile away from me at the time.
She had been in showing since 1947 and been with the breed for about five years.
She had some wonderful Pomeranians and didn't keep over ten poms,
yet was still able to produce some outstanding poms with the lines that I loved.
She took me to shows and helped me learn so much more than I had by reading books
and not seeing things in person. I still learn from her and hope to for many, many, more years.

  I could never thank her enough for trusting in me, helping me, and for selling me Dennis,
who is an outstanding champion male with a pedigree to match.
He stole my heart the first day I saw him.
Pat had taken him out of his kennel and stacked him for me to see,
and then outside to see his movement, it was love at first sight.
Although at the time, I couldn't talk her out of this special little boy.
I joked many times in later months about her selling him to me,
and finally the dream became a reality.

  Our Poms are first and foremost our companions.
We plan to keep ourselves small with no more than ten Pomeranians
so that we may devote more time to showing, training, and keeping them in a family environment.
When our Poms are bred it will be to meet our own needs in breeding and in the ring.
Of course we will have a couple pets, show, and breeding poms
that will be placed with the appropriate families. But our goal won't be to sell pets.

  I would also like to thank the so many other members of the Pomeranian world,
who have been so helpful whenever I have questions about genes,
breeding techniques, lines or what a judges likes and continue to do so.
I must also thank Heather of Esme Pomeranians and Liz of Silhouette Pomeranians.
who have been great friends threw out everything.
Heather also helped me with my kennel name, even though she liked it so much she wanted it. LOL
And Liz who knows so many pedigree's and shared her data base of thousands
of dogs with me, has also been a great help learning genes.
I consider these two to be very dear friends and wish them
all the best in the future years of breeding and showing this wonderful breed.

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