WOW! It wasnt hard but you found my secret... thing... no sorry no porn.
Christine, my angel, at my party in May 2002
Me and Bradley, looks like we're having fun doesnt it, well that day was SO BORING!
Name Melissa English
9th of May 86
I wish my name was- el dorado graso. either that or ah, well I like melissa. I used to be a greek nymph. yeah it suits my personality.
if i could choose any career, it would it be- teaching high school kids or owning a drama company
Who would I like to kiss apart from your gf/bf- morris? petrie? brad? yeah brad. brad or k8
Someone i'll never forget and why? ill never forget edwin, hes a legend.
Me at yr 11 formal, Rebecca and Danielle were cut off. Before this was taken I was running around, so scuse the hair!
Here we all are; Me Rebecca Danielle and Luke infront- he had pnemonia and couldn't go