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1951 Ford F1
I found this truck in 1991 in a backyard in my hometown of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. It belonged to an older gentleman who decieded to sell it as his health was failing. I bought it for $250 and dragged it home.
I stripped it down to the bare frame, welded in a front clip from a Chevy Nova, and put the body back on.
It has a Chevy 350 with turbo trans, 355 rear gears from a 57 Chevy.
This truck has been very dependable, and has towed my house trailer to the Indy Nationals and also down east to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada
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1962 Pontiac
I found this car in 1989 through an ad in the local newspaper. It seems this fellow was splitting with his wife and had to get the car out of the garage. I got it for $700
He had bought it to restore with a parts car, but when he started to take it apart he realized that it was beyond his capabilities. The floor was pretty rotten so he lost interest and it sat until his wife made him move it.
I restored the car pretty much to original, except I put in a 350 with turbo trans instead of the original 283/powerglide. For you who dont know, Canadian Pontiacs came with Chevy frames and running gear back in the 50's to 70'.
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