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List of Registered Images and Members

            What is P.A.I.N.? P.A.I.N. is a brigade against unscrupulous pony people who steal other people's hard worked on pictures without permission. Please note that this is only for MY LITTLE PONY Pictures...I'm not out to attack everybody with a stolen picture out there, I'd have to be insane to attempt that *VBG* (not to mention the obvious logic that if they aren't pony pictures, they won't be attracting people from the pony community, and hence won't care if they're blacklisted by said community). You can only register My Little Pony pictures, and they must be already uploaded to your webpage.

            Many people don't understand how we can claim to protect pictures when they originals weren't ours. I can only answer this by saying that we at P.A.I.N. don't necessarily claim the artwork (unless it's artwork you've drawn yourself). We claim the work involved, long hours and pride in the result which is stolen by others and in two seconds put up on their own pages. We have a deep respect for Hasbro, and would respect Hasbro's wishes if they wished to put an end to all their copyrighted material up on the Internet. This is only a fan-based page, expressing our appreciation for the My Little Pony line. Unfortunately, banning all non-Hasbro sites from the web would mean that all of the helpful webpages out there would get taken down too, and I hope it would never come to that, because of all the good places like Dream Valley and Ivy's MLP Page. *Most of the MLP webpages are owned by children, and when you steal a picture you are usually stealing from a child.*

            Pictures are registered by people because they put a lot of hard work into making their webpages unique from everyone else's. There is a certain pride in editing an image, and it's like a physical pain to find it up on somebody else's page when you know you were never even given the courtesy of being asked. As if we wouldn't recognize something we'd been up until three am making 'just right'. It is not very Pony to steal. Nearly anybody would give another person the right to use his or her pictures, if only they just asked first. Please, if you have a picture up that is listed on this page and you didn't get approval from the rightful owner, then it has been stolen. There are people out there who not only steal other people's pictures, but they hand them out to others as their own work, which is just awful. It is these people that P.A.I.N. is most trying to stop. The very fact that P.A.I.N. exists protects many people's work. We have never had to blacklist anybody, and we dearly hope we never have to.

            A person who wants to protect their work can register their images with P.A.I.N. P.A.I.N. will then list these images, and rely on the network of registered members to blow the whistle on anyone using the pictures without permission. Anyone caught using a registered image without permission will be asked to remove it...if they choose not to, their webpage and their actions will be broadcast to the entire My little Pony community -- in email signature files, mailing list, and message boards -- and they will be blacklisted on this page until the offending pictures are removed. Please do NOT email the author of the website where you think a stolen picture is being kept. Email the individual who has registered the image, and include the URL for the site.

            A webpage that is a member of P.A.I.N. will have special P.A.I.N. images displayed across their page(s) clearly stating that stealing a picture from them is a bad idea. I would hope that nobody would steal from a page regardless of these images, however... This doesn't mean that all pictures are untouchable though. Most artists are more than happy to allow you to use their pictures, and indeed are quite flattered, as long as they get credit for the hours they've spent scanning and retouching or creating the image. There are also many fabulous free image areas online (see link below).

            Images which are considered public (like the ones at DreamValley, which unless I'm mistaken you're allowed to take) may NOT be registered by anyone but the original creator, unless you have suitably changed them. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you can take a registered picture, make a slight change to it, and call it your own! If anyone knows of sites that allow you to use their images freely, please let me know and I'll put them up on the free pictures page :). Members of P.A.I.N. will get email notices occasionally, in an attempt to seek out anybody who might be using the images illegally.

List of Registered Images and Members
P.A.I.N. Registration Form
Sites which allow you to use their pictures for free


My Little Pony are Copyright by Hasbro Industries, Inc. It was not the intention of the webdesigner to go against this copyright. All the images on this page took a long time to edit, so please don't steal them. All text on this page was originally written by Summerwing.