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Expect soon!
Collection of essays written by Kalki

Hello Readers,

Welcome to this site! After its first launch on 16th October 2002, total traffic to these pages is nearing 1,00,000 hits (as on July 16, 2005 it is about 96,000+ hits). This shows nothing but the strong influence of Kalki's writings spanning 80 years (since he first wielded his pen in 1923) over the Tamils. Thank you all for making the site a big hit!

And nearly one year since its launch, this site rededicates itself to the writings of Kalki by adding to its fold, two more novels in electronic form. This now contains the two best creations of Kalki that changed forever the notions that common Tamils had about the Tamil culture, heritage during Chozhas & Pandiyas. And 'Alai Osai' captures the slices of the Indian Freedom Movement through the mastery eyes of Kalki.

Now! Enjoy Reading Kalki.


'Kalki' R Krishnamurthy
(1899 - 1954)

Expect soon!
Collection of essays written by Kalki

* Credits for 'Solaimalai Ilavarasi' belongs to Mr. N D Logasundaram and Ms. Selvi of Mylapore, Chennai

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