Matthew   was  a fiesty little boy when he was  born....... and still IS....
It is the personality he uses once in a while to get away with things ..from me that is.....yeah..I spoiled him , but hey, he should be though  for a little while until he reaches the teen world..
Born in late , hot summer of 1998 @
Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, California.. Wieghed 8.5 lbs..yeah.. kind a big boy, but with the help of Epidural. .( i had to take advantage of good stuff ..he he ) time went fast. oh yeah,,,i would recommend it..
I gave Geraldine, his big sister  (he calls her  ate..a flipino way of calling your elder sister).  the honor to pick a name for her only brother., and ended, she's enthusiastically named him  after a brother of her best girlfriend in Canada.                     
  He loves to
Draw , Swim,   play   Tennis,   Runs   just  for fun with his papa in our nieghborhood, gymnastics
was in a clases in
South Pasadena   and the new thing  Hapkido..
He also loves to play and visit his grandparents in
Virginia, usa..He  loves to play with  grandpa's  dog , BUZZ and wants to have one of his own,but I think that would be another child for me to raised.. ..and make A homepage. for don't you think? I dont' think he can have one, he can watch them go by our house and  maybe  if he is   lucky , pet know..
He started attending Oneonta Montessori  School when he was 4 yrs old. At the end of the school year, they had
Talent show. Oh .were  they ever so cute to watche
Photo of his First  official day  of KINDERGARTEN
He has some  
photos with his grandma  during her visit, October-2003..

The photo  below  was  from today. October, 22, 2003.
His class went for a field trip today, 10-22-2003, to  Museum. and here are some 
photos I took before they left.
Halloween costume.. 2003

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x-mas 2003 photo