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December 23, 2003 - So color me shocked to be writing an update. I havenít touched this website since last year, and honestly am considering abolishing the message board because there really isnít material enough to warrant it.
Anynyas, Gods only know this may be my last update for another year, so Iíll make it a good one. Fact is, and Iím sure many of you have heard this already, the World of Darkness is ending. That includes Changeling. It wonít have itís own book, just a chapter by our own Black Hat Matt in the main Time of Judgment book. And I wouldnít hold my breath for them putting Changeling in whatever reboot theyíre doing. So, itís kapoot, and thatís it for that. The most we may hope for is something interesting in Dark Ages: Fae, in March 2004 (theorized release date). I would recommend reading this essay on Black Hat Mattís website for some more information.
As I mentioned earlier, this doesnít mean we, as fans, have to stop playing and making stuff up. However, I love not just Changeling, but he whole urban mythic fantasy/dark fairy tale genre. So to give you a direction to go in, hereís a few other games to look into and consider. Like Changeling, some of them are less than well known. But itís something to work with, so keep dreaming - even if the dream changes some.

Deliria - Written by Phil Brucato, this book was being pushed my Jackie & Nicky and a whole bunch of other people. The art is beautiful. It stresses a rather pagan perspective - but it looks good.

The Summerlands - Coming out soon, and it looks very yummy. Full of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law art!!!

GURPS: Faerie, and GURPS: Celtic Myth - The GURPS supplement books overall tend to have less rules stuff, and more information on the topic at hand. A lot of them are very well researched, so Iíve found them useful for a lot of things.

Horizons: Grimm - I havenít played or looked at it yet, but the reviews make it sound very interesting. So I prolly will order it soon.

Underworld - This was released as a limited edition and is now OOP. The developer and writer was going to make a second edition, but he now says he doesnít think there would be enough demand for it. It is about beings of wonder and legend living in the subways of NYC. Even the websites on this game are gone, the best I can find are reviews. I included the book information below if you want to try to track it down.
Gareth-Michael Skarka
Synister Creative Systems
Year 2000
ISBN 0-9700821-7-7

Little Fears - This is a game of childhood horror. Where toys come to life, the monster in the closet is out to get you, and boogies really do live under the bed. Amazingly spooky, and sadly doesnít get as much attention as deserved.

Puppetland - and old and very different style horror game. This is the complete text online since itís hard as heck to find. Check it out for something really different

July 24, 2002 - Well, I suppose I spoke soon. Right now this morning Conrad (webmaster) announced on the Changeling Forum that you can buy your very own ebook copy of the vary rare Kithbook Pooka for only 8.00. EIGHT DOLLARS PEOPLE! Do it! C'mon, don't gimme the no money BS, that's the price of lunch. And this may be a test on how or if we'll even got more books. Everything and anyhting they give us at this point must do well or we can go under. Please help us out?

July 23, 2002 - Well, It has been nearly a year since Kithbook: Eshu came out, and the official word it... there is no official word. Everybody who *should* be in the know has seemed very unwilling to talk. Even on the casual chit-chat "don't spread this one around yet" level. I mean, if I knew that much I could then say something like "I can't tell you why, but there is hope." But, no.
Some of the more optimistic of us hope that WW is planning a big nice suprise, like Changeling Revised or maybe all the books we've been promised released at once. (I'm not sure the later would be a good thing though - it would be a lot of books to buy at once.) Saddly though, the hopefuls are in the minority. Most of us fear and are preparing ourselves for the worst - Oblivion.
It is this kitten's opinion that having the line canceled by WW would not necessarily be the end of the world. Of course, I don't WANT it to. And it would be nice if they at least gave us the books we were promised before doing it. But there are a great many games that are officially out of print which still are seen played at conventions. We could still develop ideas and further resources online. And there's always the chance someone will buy Changeling off of WW. (Not likely, I know. But hey, it happens.)
And that is where we currently stand. I'm not going to post another news flash till I have something else worth telling.