Changeling Links

Changeling Forum at White Wolf Online

A great place to meet other faery folks

The Moonlit Trod

This was one of the firsts of the Changeling websites, and the inspiration for many of the others who now have their own.

The Right To Dream

See how this is towards the top of my link list here? There a reason for that. Go here. Loads of good stuff.


As per above, an EXCELLENT site. Well laid out with lots of useful and original stuff.

The Endless Dreaming

SO much info... I can't possibly convey how much. Simelar to Scattered Dreams, but different stuff.

Sageworks Web

A site by the Good Doctor Morganes, another friend from the forums. Look in The Study for most of the niffty stuff.

Scattered Dreams

A good index referance from various book sources. Lots of good basic info.

The Sluagh Underground

Great site, great art gallery, lots of sluagh cool stuff.

The Dream Burrow

An all Pooka info website. Really in depth and the next best thing to having the Pooka Kithbook. They even mention Mistypaw in the Pooka Lying Guide!

Endless Dreams

Lots of interesting stuff. Too much to give an accurate summery - just go take a look.

Freehold of Capricorne

This guy is a great artist. Just beware - he is a satyr and his art reflects it.

Adrian Simmon's Gaming Fiction

And here we have Changeling web fiction by one of our own Changeling freelancers!

Solstice Hearth

Dan Ginn's website. Lots of changeling theory, errata, writtings, and nocker creations.

Other Sources

Encyclopedia Mythica
Great referance for many different types of mythology. An excellent ST tool.

Your best source on the web for folk & traditional music, speculative fiction, folklore, movies & more.

The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts

An overabundance of essays on literature, art, folklore and myth.


A wonderful archive of fantasy art and stories written by many talented people, most of which are non professionals... but of professional quailty.

Knighthood and Chivalry

Fancy yourself a sidhe knight in shining armor? This might be some good info to know to play it realistically... and it's very interesting anynyas.

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

This folks do the ren faire thing year round, recreating long past times. There is a wealth of information here.

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

This book is over 2,500 years old and is still held in high regaurd as one of the best books on stragety. This site has an online text of it. A bit of warning, as with any translated book, every translator will do it differently. I perfer the one tranlated by James Clavell.

Just for fun...

The Fortean Times
Weird and true news! You can get lots of ideas from here.

The Onion

Simelar to the above, but this is fiction. Just as whacked out though.

Landover Baptist

No, I don't hate Christians or any religion and I could (and probably will someday) write a whole essay on that fact. This is just a funny site. It is just a parody. Don't get all defensive over it.

Warehouse 23

Steve Jackson Games has some gems on their site, and this is one of my faveorites. My friends and I have wasted hours here. It's addictive.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks

TOYS! I can't do this job without my toys! Loads of javascript toys and other funny things.

A very fun Flash humor website. Strong Bad kicks ass.

The Big Kiss Doll Page

A free program you can download to play anime paper dolls on your computer. The dolls cost a bit to download though, but you can find some for free.


A great online comic. Yeah, I know theres millions of great ones out there. And i'll be giving you a few of them I like. This one's about some video gamer otaku. So often I see my friends and I in this strip, it's almost not funny.... ALMOST. Check out the artists gallery. is beautiful.

Warped Reality

A really great comic for any cat/anime/changeling lover. And Gypsy is a really neat person.

The Dark Side of the Net

All the gothy, angsty, vampire websites you could ever want.

Bad Kitty!!!

One of my faveorite cat humor pages