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As president over the past year, Rohal has done many good things for the SASA organization and its members.
"Before I became president of SASA the club was very new and was having trouble gaining interest from the students. Movie nights were around then but not much more. What I listed at the top were many of the new events that I thought would help in getting all the students at Benedictine involved and excited," said Rohal.
For this coming year, a new president was elected by the SASA committee, Arpit Patel. Patel was part of Rohal's committee in 2005 and plans to follow in his foot steps.
"I plan to continue the work that Rohal has done in the past," said Patel.
For this next year, Patel and his committee members will have the task to defend their title in the Nachte Rohon competition.








(Members of SASA committee competing in the dance competition) Photo: Manveer Rohal