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Vietnam Veterans World Wide
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This site is dedicated to those who have honored our War Veterans through War Poems.  Both Veterans and Non-Veterans alike are listed here.  Please express your gratitude to these poets by signing our guest book. Thank you and thank you to these recipients.
If you have a poem that you would like to have considered for the VNVWW Brotherhood Award, please submit it to
be sure and include the author's e-mail address as well as yours if different. Also we will need a release from the author to print the poem on our site. The committee will read, discuss and decide and the author will be notified of their decision. Please feel free to submit as many poems as you like for consideration. If you are a Vietnam Veteran and would like to join the Vietnam Veterans World Wide group, please send a e-mail to the address above or go to
Vietnam Veterans World Wide@yahoogroups.com
be sure to include  your name and e-mail address.
Thank you and enjoy the poems here..
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