A nice slice of the softer side of pop.  The Danish band has a sound comparable to the Housemartins and The Beautiful
South, and even a bit of The Dentists and other like-minded bands.  Much like The Housemartins and Beautiful South, Embellish likes to spike its bouncy springtime creations with black humor.  The lyrics of "Drug Dealer" would
make Charles Bukowski or Nelson Algren proud: ("She doesn't care/who you are/even if you're a bum/or a drug dealer").  Vocalist Claus Hansen has quite the sweet croon (keeping with the 'martins comparison, a lot like Paul
Heaton).  The group also share a good quality with other softer Scandinavian bands - although the pop is on the genteel side, these folks obviously have played rock, and the music has the right amount of tensile strength - they manage not to overwhelm the prettiness, but keep the buttery melodies from sounding either cloying or just plain limp.  The group doesn't reinvent the
wheel, but knows how to make a big hook.  This is especially evident on the penultimate track, "One", with it's gorgeous ascending melody chorus and nifty backing vocal arrangement makes you wish the chorus would never end.

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