Fiona Mae Porquez
Concepts For A Digital World
November 18, 2008 Presentation Comments
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I am a Student in the Fall 2008 Concepts For A Digital World, (CFADW), course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am enrolled in the Business Accounting B103 Program.
I am taking CFADW course to learn more and to fully understand the use of computers and how it will help me in the future. I would like to learn everything I can so that it will help me when I find a job in the future.

I am interested in information technology because learning about it will help me a lot as a student for doing my assignments and projects. It will be easier for me to do my research, and to do other online projects. I am interested to know more about software design, data conversion, and data security.

I have basic knowledge in information technology. I know a bit about converting, storing pictures and music, and transmitting datas. I know a bit about posting blogs,music in a webpage like what we do in Facebook and Friendster.