I asked my brother Tony and his wife Debbie for some stories they remembered about Dad.  Be prepared to laugh your self silly.
1.  One time Junior was out hunting squirrels about dusk.  He shot a squirrel out of a tree, but did not see exactly where it had fallen.  He went down to the tree and went around a rock that was close to the tree.  There was a rattlesnake there.  Junior leaned around the rock and shot the snake with his shotgun.  Junior cut the snake open and there was his squirrel.
2. Once when Junior was hunting with our brother Roger, Junior fell and slid down the hill on his stomach right into a nest of yellow jackets.  Roger told Tony that he came running out of there like a 17 year old.
3.  Junior was the biggest tease.  When he would catch kids coming up Stretch Neck (they were probably coming to play with us kids), Junior would take out his big knife and with the dull end he would rake it across their ears and tell them he cut off their ear.  He had all of the kids in Dizney scared of him and they would hide when they saw him coming.  
4.  In the late 70's when mom and dad moved back to Dizney from Louisville.  Junior was having trouble with an owl getting his chickens at night.  His brother Berry who lived up the road with their mother Leona Cloud, said he would call Junior if he saw the owl.  In the middle of the night the phone rang.  Junior jumped up, grabbed his gun and ran outside in the cold weather barefoot and in his longjohns.  He was freezing but looking everywhere for that theiving owl.  The phone call was not from Berry, but a wrong number.  Irene tried to call out the door to get dad's attention but she was laughing so hard she was not able to do anything.
5.  When Tony and Debbie were visiting Junior and Irene at their house in Brittons Creek, Junior wanted Tony to help him move some bee hives.  While moving one of them, the hive shifted on them and they dropped the hive.  Junior yelled, "Tony you've killed my bees." Tony and Foolish Dog very wisely took off toward the creek and stood on the bridge at a safe distance.  Junior stayed there trying to put the hive upright and back together.  The bees were all over him and stinging him.  Some of them were going up his overalls.  Just a few days later, Roger came down and dad asked him to move bee hives again.  They also managed to turn another hive over.  I don't think that he ever asked either one to help him with his bees again.
5.  Dad had a dog who was called "Foolish Dog".  Tony asked him one time, "What is that dog's name?"  To which Junior replied, "He aint got no name."   "But Dad, Tony said, you ought to give him a name."  To which Dad replied, "He don't need a name.  He knows who he is."
6.  One time, Tony had gone groundhog hunting with Junior.  The dogs had "holed" a groundhog.  Tony was standing by enjoying the scenery, the quiet, the breezes and the smell of the woods.  Junior was very busy digging out the groundhog.  He came upon a very large rock and threw it out onto Tony's foot.  Tony thought that Junior would have to carry him off the mountain.
6.  One time Tony and I were playing poker with Junior.  We had made all of the bets and counter bets, etc.  It was time to show the cards.  I had three jacks.  Your dad had a pair of queens.  He did not see my third Jack.  He thought that he had won and was reaching to drag the pot toward him.  I looked at him and said "o.k., what else you got?"  He looked astonished, jumped up and leaned over to look at my cards and said "You Heifer!".  I am going to have to get some glasses!"  I told him that he could call me a heifer anything as long as I was taking his money.
7.  A little neighborhood boy, Jason, who liked Junior and Irene.  He would come up and sit and talk to them.  One day he was over by Alan Jones's house, which was just below Junior's house across the creek, trying to till his garden.  He was having trouble tilling the slope there with a front tine tiller.  Junior hollered over and told him to turn the tiller down hill and give it some gas.  The tiller took off down the hill with Jason in tow and drug him into the creek.  Junior said that he woke up in the middle of the night, started thinking about it, and started laughing all over again.  The next day, Jason told Junior,  "June Cloud, Ill never believe you again."
8.  I was able to go with Junior and Tony a few time on their squirrel hunting, groundhog hunting and ginseng hunting trips.  I enjoyed the trips into the mountains immensely.  Junior would act like a tour guide, stopping every few yards or so, to tell me about some plant or pile of rocks.  After awhile, when he could see that I was having no trouble keeping up with them, he would take off directly up the slope.  I felt like he was testing me to see if this woman could keep up with the men.  I never fell behind and this seemed to impress Junior.  One time, when I went hunting with them, the dogs holed a groundhog.  I was sitting down slope from the hole where Junior and Tony were trying to dig out their quarry.  What they did not know, was that the wiley old groundhog had an escape route.  The groundhog came out of the alternate hole and ran across my lap.  I started yelling, but Tony and Junior could not hear me for the barking of the dogs and kept digging.  Some times we didn't catch any animals or find genseng, but we did not care whe had a wonder full time.