Vegetable garden
The garden supplies the community with a wide range of seasonal organic vegetables and fruit, many older varieties of 17th C. style vegetables are grown i.e asparagus, artichokes, cardoons, lettuce, tomatoes such as brandy wine, auld sod, squashes, black raddish, peas and beans, ragged jack kale, pumpkins, celeriac, orache, salsify and scorzonera. These are sold through local shops in Portumna town and the Country Market. In the late autumn and winter months, surplus produce is made into jams and chutneys for the Christmas Market.

Wildflower Garden
The wildflower meadow and pond contain a large variety of native species of plants, which flourish in the Summer months and attract birds, butterflies and bees. Ferns, irises (flags), water millfoil, forget-me-not and lillies can be seen around the wildlife pond.
Tree Nursery
A thriving tree nursery has been established where old and rare varieties of native fruits have been grafted onto hundreds of rootstocks. This work has been carried out in conjuction with Irish Seed Savers. This will protect older native varieties from extinction. Rare indigenous varieties of apple i.e brown crofton, “ardcairn russet” and “bloody butcher” have been established.
Willow Maze
The willow maze is now well established and is a focal point of great interest, particularly for children. Ten different varieties of willow tree, ranging in colour from pale yellow to dark purple are planted here. These are harvested annually and their many varying shades of bark are a delight to local basketmakers. The maze which is pollarded each year, is surrounded with beds of vintage roses including Rosa Mayesu and old English shrub roses.
Herbaceous Border
No 17th. century cottage garden would be complete without a herbaceous border. We have received many contributions from local heritage Gardens especially Birr Garden i.e Tree Paeony Roses, Penstemon and Phlox.These hardy plants produce flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes and provide a spectacular display of colour in summertime.

Central pathway
The central pathway is lined with espalier apple and pear trees under planted with lavender. The rambling roses adorning the wrought iron arches which traverse the path combine with the herbs to make a walk along this path a rare treat for the senses.

Herb garden
Throughout the centuries, herbs have been cultivated for their many therapeutic, medicinal and cosmetic properties. This herb garden supplies culinary herbs to local hotels, restaurants and shops throughout the year. We also make lavender sachets and pot-pourri for sale.