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Velcome..ahem..I mean Welcome to Zion!

Please be aware that lots of things on this page and throught the house are links..try them out to see where they go! This page will be updated CONSTANTLY so bookmark it and keep coming back or I will nag you to death :P

IRC picture album Email Anghennim Living Room Kitchen garden stairs HoneyMoon Suite Anghennim's Room Savant's Bed Room Nurse Vera and Yvette's Bed Room Balcony over looking dance floor

SwiftDog :) Muahahaha

Since we have had a LOT of spare time on our hands here lately, Josh and I have designed the #Sphinx house :) Savant has been Oh so graciously working on a new triva bot for us and Podgy has been working on some fun new scripts for us.. Josh and I? Well, our expertise doesn't run to the technical aspect of things and HTML is about all i can struggle through right now..btw PLS dun look at my coding (I'm sure its horrid) I haven't worked on doing a "real" webpage in forever! hehe
this is my dear darling Angelm00n :) I miss her being on irc all of the time...but eventually i know that she'll be back!! Hurry hurry darling..i sure do miss you :) PINK RIBBONS!!

Slowly but surely I am STILL trying to add all of the regular users pictures to this page, but that is taking MUCH longer than I have expected, so also and instead, if you'd like, I can just do a brief page on YOU or your online persona

Angh, Lauren, Josh, Podgy, Savant

OK so here is all of the users i could think of in the wee hours of the night..if you see someone who is not on this list (including yourself) PLEASE EMAIL ME OR LET ME KNOW!!! it is NOT intentional i promise!

Anghennim Poisson Ziggy Lainey Swift Dog Riyan Blondie

Bleh Blade19 Angel Moon Ninaaaaaa Joelle Lock555 Furbz Furdz

Ishy Enjel Envee Angelus Mum Corinna Chris^

Savant Podgy Laura_ Sephie Vampire Hooter Edgeware Nony

Soursop Wenny Miin Nurse Vera

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