My Trading Page

A couple of quick notes:

This is a hobby, done for fun.  Lets keep it in that spirit!

Nothing is ever for sale.  Don't even ask.

Always burn DAO, if you don't know what that means please ask.

I don't do 2:1, but will entertain b&p's if time permits.  Feel free to ask, but do not be insulted if I decline.

I have an audio cdr and a computer burner, and will use whichever is most convenient for our trade.

I strive to turn trades around quickly and ask that you do the same.  I understand things can happent to delay a trade, but ask that you keep me informed at all times.  A quick email goes a long way.

Don't bother to send cases but do use padded mailers.  I appreciate setlists, and will send them upon request.  Artwork is also generally available upon request.

On to the list!


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