About the Malto Tribe
     Maltos are a very small tribe. There were 1,08,000 "Paharias" speaking the Malto language in the 2001 census, which makes them the 48th in order of size in India.
    They live in Litipara, Barhait, Borio as well as Taljhari, Amrapara, Sundarpahari and Boarijore development blocks. These lie in 3 districts of Jharkhand- Pakur, Sahebganj and Godda.
   They are closely related to the Kumarbhag Paharias, who speak a similar language and the
Mal Paharias. Most of the latter speak their own language, which is related to Bengali. However a few Mal Paharia villages in Maheshpur  block have a languagewhich resembles Malto.
    Malto is a Dravidian language and so many words resemble Kurukh (spoken by the Oraons, near Ranchi) and even Tamil.
For instance-
         ' Uka' means Sit.
          'Bara' means Come.
          ' Mal(l)a' means No.
          'Indru' means What.
          'Pal' means Tooth.
          'Mu' means Nose.

    More is given about the Sundarpahari Maltos in the site describing the CHEO project of Dakshinayan.
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