Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation has been one of the  biggest semiconductor companies in the world. In my personal opinion I have  seen Intel as a successful business. They have transform technology with their  products worldwide. The technology strategy used by Intel  goes beyond electronic devices and computer devices. Intel is making  innovation and research for more energy efficient products with expanded  capabilities, at low cost and good performance every day.  Intel  production involves manufacture of semiconductor chips based in silicon  technology, as well as development of advanced integrated digital technology  platforms for the computing and communications industries.
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Intel produce microprocessors, chipsets,  motherboards, flash memory, wired and wireless connectivity products,  communications components, cellular base processors and products for  networked storage. Intel?s products have gotten more popular.  Its products are incorporated mostly into desktop computers, notebook  computers, servers, supercomputers, workstations and handheld computing  devices.
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Intel technology architecture  is based in silicon products. They have developed new computer based  components such as the multi core processor systems. This technology  combines two or more independent processors into a single package or a  single integrated circuit called microprocessor. This architecture is  applied in desktop, notebook and servers platforms and also in  communications platforms. In the market  we can find Intel Dual core. Its mean is the combination of two independent  processors in one. This makes the process of  data and applications faster and more reliable and you can work with many  applications in one time. Also most capabilities are designed to reduce  power consumption with high performance.
 Intel has been developing new processors  every year the hardware development is extensive. The introduction of health  care systems and wide wireless networks is in process in combination with  the development of new microprocessors. Intel vision is to provide faster,  mobile and smaller computer devices to the customers and business.