Judith Beaumarys-Moorkroft

Daughter and Heiress Apparent of Archduke John Beaumarys-Moorkroft of Westheath

Air Elementalist of the Second Circle

AC 1016

"Know the rules. Go with them. Go around them. Never go against them."

(Judith's motto, engraved on her personal seal)


Judith Beaumarys-Moorkroft is a severe woman in her thirties. Emerging from her ashen face framed by thin straight shoulder-length black hair are two very observant and very expressive slate-gray eyes. Judith always dresses modestly and is usually seen in formal Fenswick dress, usually in blacks, grays, and dark shades of blue.

During social occasions, Judith can be surprisingly feminine and appealing to the eye—even alluring—in dresses of pinks and pastels, but she always maintains the modesty and decorum betting a well-bred Fenswick woman. She is not particularly fond of jewelry, but is always seen wearing an onyx choker.

Judith's hands are surprisingly coarse for a woman, as they bear numerous scars from scratches and pricks of long ago.

Personality & Quirks

Judith is the perfect foil for her father, the treacherous Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft. Like her father, Judith is very straightforward and no-nonsense in manner, refusing to deal with double entendres and hidden meanings. But unlike her father, Judith is truthful and honest and trustworthy. Judith is also very efficient, be it in arranging a proposal for Parliament, or hosting a tea party in Westheath.

Those who know Judith socially know she is a mistress of etiquette, respectful of cultural differences and nuances in the various Glantrian ethnic groups, and she would be just at home at an Krondaharan court as at an Alphatian state dinner.

Judith plays by the rules—be they political laws, cultural traditions, social norms, or rules of etiquette. But Judith also knows how to make the rules work for her! She has little respect for those who break laws and rules, including her father Lord John. In fact, it is probably Judith's expertise is the ins and outs of Glantrian laws that has allowed Lord John's seemingly criminal (though definitely immoral) political operations to avoid legal repercussions so far. In the future, if and when Judith takes over her father's dominion, she hopes to rule lawfully and righteously.

And yet, Judith does have that severe and cruel streak in her nature. For the sake of law and order, she will let heads roll!


Judith Anne Merryweather Beaumarys-Moorkroft is the eldest child of Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft and his second wife, Lady Winifred Merryweather of Fenswick. Judith was born in AC 985 and was raised by her mother in the quiet countryside of Fenswick, and would only see her father on the rare trips to the capital, Wylon, and later, Satolas. Lady Winifred taught Judith the rudiments of magic and weather lore (a Merryweather family tradition), and to always obey the rules, no matter what other people say or do—including her father.

Judith grew up very close to her mother and was deeply hurt by Lord John's illicit but explicit affair with Doña Carmina de Belcadiz. But Judith could be no more hurt than by Lady Winifred's death in AC 992, when she was struck by a lightning bolt while performing some magical experiments in the middle of a terrible storm. Though this tragedy—or more precisely Lord John's lack of response over this tragedy—created animosity between Lord John and his in-laws, it made Judith all the more closer to the Merryweathers, particularly her grandfather, Lord Wilfred Merryweather, and her uncle, Sir Winston Merryweather (M10/Air Elementalist 3, LN).

In AC 997, when Judith was studying in the Great School of Magic, Lord John's romance with Doña Carmina ended scandalously and disastrously. Doña Carmina took revenge on Lord John, by cursing him with a terrible disease, and by transforming Lord John's three young sons into three black ravens. Judith somehow escaped the Witch's curse, and wisely fled to Fenswick, away from Doña Carmina's reach. As Lord John was helpless to find a way to restore his three sons to normal, Judith took it upon herself to save her brothers. She sought help from the Hillsburys, the Merryweathers, her father's former allies of House Silverston, but none of them could help. Counting on the animosity between the Belcadiz and Erewan elves, Judith even sought help from Clan Ellerovyn, but was sternly and rudely rebuffed!

Finally, and providentially, Judith was given an answer by a strange voice in a lightning storm (believed to be the spirit of Lady Winifred). Judith was lead to the Hermit of the Stones, a powerful, ancient, and quite mad vulture-like humanoid, believed only to exist in Fenswick superstition and fairy tale. Judith met this mysterious creature in a mystic Stonehenge in Fenswick, who shared with her the knowledge of how to undo the Witch's curse—but for a price. Judith had to give up her voice (which the Hermit of the Stones intended to bestow to one of his harpy minions), and spend the rest of her years in silence.

Judith spent nearly three years in the Fenswick wilderness, gathering prickly nettle growing along the Fen River, and weaving them into three magical shirts that was to restore her three raven brothers into humans again. But before the third year was over, Lord John found his daughter and brought her back to Glantri City. Because of Judith's sorry and wild state, Lord John thought she had gone insane or was possessed by some fiendish power. In a sad turn of events, Judith was accused of evil clerical magic and duly imprisoned in the Tower of Sighs. At the end of three months, Judith was taken out to be executed as a cleric. At the last moment, Judith took out the hurriedly-finished nettle shirts, threw them over the three constantly hovering ravens, and restored her brothers to human form, who finally spoke in her defense. (Unfortunately, since one of the shirts was not finished, Doña Carmina's curse was not completely broken, and her youngest brother, Edgar, retained a raven's wing instead of a human arm till this day...)

Judith was finally redeemed and reinstated into honor by her father, Lord John. She returned to the Great School to finish her magical studies. Despite the fact that she was now mute, Judith was able to graduate (Her final undertaking was to revise a couple of common spells to do away with verbal components!), and was even sponsored into the Secret Craft of Air Elementalism by her uncle, Sir Winston Merryweather. She even caught the eye of Sir Lathan Aendyr, son of Prince Volospin Aendyr of Blackhill, who, though romantically interested in her, she only views as a very dear friend.

Since father and daughter spent more time in Glantri City together, Judith was able to show her political mettle to the aging and ailing father. Lord John realized her value, politically and socially, and took her in as his personal secretary. Despite her handicap of not being able to speak normally, Judith has proven up to the task and expectantly awaits Lord John to declare her as his successor.

Web of Intrigue

Judith Beaumarys-Moorkroft is the personal secretary and political advisor of her father, Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft. She hates his treachery and malevolence, which borders on the criminal, but always works to give his political maneuverings a semblance of legitimacy, and definitely a basis in legality. She would like nothing more than to take over her father's dominion and rule it properly, but her ethics prevent her from acting (directly) against her father.

Judith cares little for her brothers, Robert and Jonathan (M9, N), as they have proven to be quite ungrateful, even after her great sacrifice to break Doña Carmina's curse. She is particularly wary of Robert, whom she knows has ambitions for Lord John's title and rank, but she is confident in her own magical power to defeat him, should they ever duel. The only brother Judith cares for is the youngest Edgar, whom she considers a kindred spirit, suffering from Doña Carmina's curse to this day. She has plans to make him her magical advisor, if and when she becomes Archduchess of Westheath. Judith is very close to her grandmother, Lady Anne Beaumarys-Moorkroft (M12, CG(E), vampire), who stays in the family estate in Fenswick. Judith over visits Lady Anne for dinner or (very) late afternoon tea, where Lady Anne often advises Judith on the ways of Glantrian society and politics.

Judith is well respected in the small circle of Fenswick nobles of Glantri, much more so than Lord John. This is partially due to three strong Fenswick women in her life: her grandmother, Lady Anne; her late mother, Lady Winifred, who came from the outstanding family of weather mages, the Merryweathers; and her godmother, the late Lady Margaret Hillsbury, Duchess of Fenswick. Many Fenswick who have been disillusioned by Lord John's treachery have found hope is Judith. Even the Fenswick supporters of Princess Dolores Hillsbury, who has systematically neglected Fenswick agendas, are beginning to rally behind Judith.

Although officially a political non-entity, Judith has received word from various nobles and politicians of their preference to have her rule in her father's stead when the time comes. While her allies have not yet openly declared support for her (presumably, the Alphatians and the Fenswick), Judith's enemies have already made their position against her known—Clan Erewan, House Crownguard, Clan Alhambra, and Princess Dolores Hillsbury.

Judith has one loyal admirer from the Glantrian nobility, Sir Lathan Aendyr, son of former Prince Volospin of Blackhill. Though he has declared his feelings for her and often pressed suit, she has remained aloof but friendly with him. Whether this romance will go into fruition, or whether it will translate into political alliance, remains to be seen.

Following in the Merryweather legacy from her mother, Judith is a well-respected member of the Secret Craft of Air Elementalism, although she has not been active of late since her involvement in Glantrian politics.

Style of Magic & Combat

Statistics: 10th-level mage, Air Elementalist of the 2nd Circle; Str 9, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 15; AL L (D&D), LG (AD&D).

Languages: Thyatian (Glantrian dialect), Fenswick.

Weapon Proficiencies: staff, dagger, knife.

Skills: etiquette, politics, meditation, laws (Glantrian), reading/writing, spellcraft, survival (forests), weather sense, weaving.

Although Judith inherited the legacy of weather magic from her mother, Lady Winifred Merryweather, and was even sponsored in the Secret Craft of Air Elementalism on the Merryweather's good name, Judith has since been inactive in such magical pursuits. She has been sidetracked by politics and concerns of rulership, she says—but a deeper reason is that weather magic reminds her too much of her mother. And while Judith has put to use her mother's magical treasures (i.e. a wand of lightning bolts, a ring of shootings stars, and other lightning-related items), she has yet to go through the other papers and books on weather magic. Thus, Lady Winifred's research about the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning remains untouched and incomplete.

For her own purposes, Judith has developed special versions of a few common low-level spells that can be cast without needing to speak. These spells of silent magic normally require a verbal component, but can now be cast with just somatic and slightly more expensive material components. The spells include darkness, charm person, shocking grasp, ESP, lightning bolt, and a few others. But since Judith received the onyx choker of unspeaking from her brother Edgar, she has had no need to develop any further spells of silent magic.

"Who would have thought that the old man had it in him to bear such a saimpt from his loins!"

(Duchess Margaret Hillsbury of Fenswick)


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