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This page contains techniques and physical qualities of the main characters of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Yusuke Urameshi
  1. Head - his head is as tough as a rock. He once used it literally to defeat Chuu in the Ankoku Bujutsukai ( Black Martial Arts Tournament ). He is also good in thinking battle strategies in his head while engaged in a fight.
    o t h e r : He often uses hair gel when he goes to school, but his gel wears off after extensive training/fighting.
  2. Arms - very strong and builded by tough muscles.
  3. Hand / Fist- make strong blows against an enemy. He also emits some of his rei ki while punching/hitting his enemy which brings fatal damage in an ordinary human being.
  4. Legs - very strong. He can also run very fast within 3 days straight.
  5. Feet - the strength that comes from the legs is executed by the feet. His kicks are also as strong as his punches.
T E C H S:
  • Rei Gun ( Spirit Gun )- his strongest weapon which he emmits his rei ki concentrated on his finger tip .
  • Rei- Kou - Dan ( Spirit - Light - Bullet A.k.a. Spirit Shotgun ) - his rei ki is emmited through his fist directly to his opponent. it causes severe damage when the opponent is near.
  • Rei- Kou - Hadou - Ken ( Spirit- Light - Wave - Ken ) - genkai's tech later passed on to yusuke. a powerful tech most youkai fear genkai because of that. a tech with so much power can also heal wounds and can make oneself young.
  • Rei- Kou - Gyoku ( Spirit - Light - Gem ) - the source of genkai's power. this gem was passedto yusuke specifically during the ankoku bujutsukai before their match against the toguro team. one must undergo severe pains while the gem indwells in his body.

  • Jaganshi Hiei

    1. Arms - small build but strong;consist entirely with muscles ( his body ). o t h e r : He has a whiter complexion than anyone else and his skin is smooth and fair.
    2. Jagan - his third eye, the source of his power. He usually covers it with a white bandana when it's not needed.
    3. Straps - his straps are used to cover the black dragon tattoo on this right arm.
    4. Legs - very strong. He runs/moves so quick that he cannot be seen by a human eye.

    T E C H S :
    Weapon: Katana ( Sword / Blade )

  • Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha ( Fire-Killing-Black-Dragon-Wave a.k.a. Black-Dragon-Spirit-Technique ) - Hiei's most powerful and the most dangerous technique. He summons a wave of black dragon from the demon world ( makai ) and uses it against his opponent. The dragon has its own overwhelming power and its real purpose is to use one's youki as bait. Once Hiei has possessed the dragon, his power enhances tremendously ,but it drains a lot of energy afterwards-leaving him extremely exhausted.
  • Jaou-Ensatsu-Ken ( Evil-King-Fire-Killing-Ken a.k.a. Black-Fire-Sword ) - it uses fire and one's youki ( demon's power ) forming a very sharp and powerful sword, almost similar to kuwabara's rei ken.
  • Ensatsu-Rengoku-Shou ( Fire-Killing-Purgatory-Scorching ) - a series of powerful punches with fire

  • Shuichi Minamino

    1. Hair - he gets his rose from his hair and turns it to a rose whip.
    2. Arms - strong, medium sized.
    3. Body - moves elegantly even when fighting.
    NOTE: I still haven't seen him use his fist against an enemy.

    T E C H S :
    Weapon: Rose Whip
  • Kagon-Retsuzan-Shi ( Beautiful-cutting -branch a.k.a. Whirlwind Rose Whip ) - used to cut his opponents into pieces using his rose whip.
  • Fu-Ka-Enbu-Jin ( Blast-Flower-Waltz-Formation a.k.a. Wind-Flower-Circle-Formation ) - rose petals surrounds Kurama and protects him. Whoever touches the petals will be cut.
  • Janen-Ju ( Wicked-Thoughts-Tree a.k.a. Tree of Hallucinations ) - a demonic tree that produces hallucinations to anyone who is attached to it. It was also used to defeat toguro ani.
  • Kyu-Ketsu-Shokubutsu ( Blood Sucker Plant ) - a demonic plant that sucks blood from Kurama's opponent until the opponent dies.
  • Miscellaneous Techs : Shimaneki - Sou ( Death - Summoning Grass ) , Shoku - You - Shokubutsu ( Demon - Eater - Plant ) , Makai No Ojigisou ( Demonic World Sensitive Plant / Mimosa ) .

  • Kazuma Kuwabara

  • trained by Kurama and Hiei
    1. Head - average ( mentally ). Can speak with other people through telepathy.
    2. Mouth - literally has a big mouth. He's also noisy.
    3. Fist - can make strong blows.
    4. Arms - strong build; has big muscles and bones.
  • Rei Ken ( Spiritual Sword ) - his rei ki is emmited to his hands and materializes it as a sword.
  • Jigen - Tou ( Dimension Sword ) - an upgraded rei ken which can destroy any dimension - related opponent ( e.g. Itsuki / Seaman )
  • Tameshi No Ken ( Sword Of Trial ) - a powerful sword that changes its form depending on its holder's inner strength. It also drains its holder's energy afterwards. It was used to defeat Toguro Ani during the Ankoku Bujutsukai which did not destroy him permanently.

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