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Rudy Delgado’s body was misplaced by Texas Dept. of Corrections for almost a week in May of 2000. At the family’s insistence and with the help of a funeral home in Dallas, the body was located and brought back home. These photos were taken by the horrified funeral director to show the family why Rudy’s casket could not be opened at his funeral. The funeral director tried in vain to restore his face but had to give up. One of his eyes was not even located. The face was disfigured to the point that it was hard to even tell his face from the back of his head. The first photo shows that his face was ripped off his skull, only his throat is visible.

Rudy was forty years old. According to a news story about Rudy's murder, it was witnessed by 26 prisoners and two Correctional Officers. What was done to Rudy took time to accomplish. The fact that this atrocity occurred in front of two officers who let it happen makes Texas Dept. of Justice as much responsible for his death and mutilation as is the perpetrator.

Rudy's family feels that distribution of these photos may help justice to be served for Rudy and for the others in his situation.

Please click the top button on this page to send a message to the Governor of Texas and ask him to investigate Rudy's brutal murder while guards stood and watched. Ask him to STOP PRISON MURDER.

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May 28, 2000

Francis Delgado (Aunt of Rudy Delgado)
Dallas, Tx
Re: Rudy Delgado

Mrs. Delgado, On behalf of Warden Cooper, the administrative staff of the Barry B. Telford Unit, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, allow me to express our sincere condolences to you and other family members in regards to the death of your nephew, Rudy. I know that it is painful to accept and believe the news at first, but death is rarely easy to accept. We realize our life here, and in eternity, is in the hands of a just God. May the God of peace comfort you and yours during this of hour of pain. In Psalm 23 we find this Great God of heaven is our most reliable source of comfort during a time of grief. So, lean on Him, and He will carry you through. Once again, on behalf of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the administration of the Telford Unit, please accept our condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of grief. If I can be of any further assistance or per chance if I may answer any questions that may arise, please do not hesitate to contact me. May God bless and strengthen you in your time of need.

Obediently Christ's, Tom West - TDCJ 'Chaplain West'
Telford Unit
POB 9200
New Boston, TX 75570-9200



Dear Mrs. Frances Delgado,

Hello there Ms. Delgado. I know you may not remember who I am, so please let me introduce myself to you. This is not very easy for me to write, but I feel like it needs to be done. I knew Rudy and I used to make sure he had food to eat when I had it and I would make sure he had hygiene items. Rudy was a good person and I enjoyed knowing him very much. He loved you all so very very much. There are things about him that you all do not know yet, but you need to know. I need to tell you that I was locked in my cell and could not do anything to help Rudy except to scream out for this other person to stop! I know and understand that this is not an easy time for you and your family over the loss of Rudy. I hope that I will get a chance to talk to you and to meet you and talk to you about some things he had to go through in here. But remember this.he always loved his family and he always spoke of going home. He wanted so badly to be able to hug his sister again. He was very grateful that yo all took flowers to his Mother and Dad's graves for him. This was a horrible and senseless tragedy - it should not have happened. I knew both Rudy and the man that killed him. I am greatly saddened by the loss of Rudy. It will take some time to heal your wounds.

God Bless Your Family, A fellow inmate at TDC living in fear here.

I received the following message from someone who wishes to remain anonymous, for personal reasons. I would like to ask that person to write to me again, as I had a computer virus at the time I received it and it deleted their name and email address from the message. I would like to ask for better copies of the photos of Rudy for this site.

Thank you.
Linda Tant Miller

I personally investigated the way Rudy was Murdered and sent that information to an organization Del something... in Dallas, to get to his family... I still retain the same photos that you have on your website... I was asked by the Italliana Coalizion against the Death Penalty to do this investigation.

He was hit in the face with a rock in a pillow case... Other inmates had to clean the blood and brains off of the walls later... This man was beaten and kicked and stabbed 20 minutes before other guards could get there to stop this fight... I do understand there was only a woman guard to try to stop the fight and all she said was Stop, you have already Killed him but she did nothing to intervene. TDC policy when only one guard is present.

The person who killed him was a phsyco who had been to the shrink a week before needing medication or something and had told her that he was feeling homocidal. It has been such a while that I have forgotten said inmates name... Rudy was watching TV in the dayroom when this other inmate came up behind him and stabbed Rudy with a homemade knife to Get his Attention, and then blasted him in the face with the rock in the pillow case. And then proceeded to further beat and stab Rudy with no intervention from anyone for 20 or so minutes. Blood splattered the walls like someone took a can of spray paint to them, is what I was told...

At the time I wished to keep my name out of it... Still kind of do. So I will not reveal my name at this time... All I know is that I relayed the pertainent information of this case to those who would get it to the family since I have a first hand informant on Telford that relayed all the information to me in explicit detail. I wish for that man to remain safe as retaliation upon him would occur.

As far as TDC losing the body... Just underscores the horror of what prison life is all about... Been there, done that. And I hope you add this to your website, for Rudy's sake.


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