"Happy 10th Birthday"
Christopher Faller

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~*~ Forever In Our Hearts ~*~

by Rosemary Torres©

On Earth you would be Ten today
How old are you in Heaven
Did you grow and age up there
Or will you be Forever Seven

Will you have a birthday party
Like you would here on Earth
With balloons, cake and candles
To celebrate your birth

Would I be invited
To celebrate this special occasion
With all your family that loves you
And all your friends and relations

What's it like in Heaven
Oh how beautiful it must be
The cottony clouds, the shiny sun
Oh how I wish you were here with me

Do you see my Angel Louise in Heaven
I'm sure she is taking good care of you
Will you please tell her I Love Her
And that I will try not to be blue

So, on Earth my Precious Child you see
You should be Ten today
But for some reason or other,
You just could not stay

Cyndy Estep

It's your Birthday in Heaven.
Are you having fun?
Did they make a cake today
For my precious little son?

On this day, I am so sad,
For you it's a glorious day.
This day Earth lost some of it's joy
Heaven gained so much in such a way.

I miss you my child,
As I'm sure you can see.
But God needed you more
So this is the way it must be.

It eases my mind
To know you are there.
You'll never have trouble,
Never have a single care.

Happy Birthday in Heaven,
My precious little boy.
You have fun in Heaven
Spreading your beautiful joy.

This webpage is created for
Christopher Ronald Faller
on his 10th Birthday
by Louise's Mom FOREVER, Rosemary Torres©
on May 6, 2000
Revisions last made December 2, 2007

Please visit Christopher's Birthday Webpage from his Mommy Happy Birthday Christopher!

Please visit Christopher at Maria's Tribute to Christopher
and My Angel Louise at For my Special Daughter

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