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I'm almost sure this page may or may not interest you. It is always like that! Some pages are either interesting or boring. This one is neither of the two. Its value depends essentially on what you are looking for. If you aren't a teacher or a student, this page will "be Greek" for you. Believe me; some vile things are sometimes valuable.!

The importance of Internet is no longer argued about. It is rather our view to its contents which matters the most. Some people don't really know how to deal with this exciting service. They often exploit the bad side of it (bad is not the correct term). I simply mean that they waste time and money if they don't grasp the juice of the web. Don't be contented with its peel.

With this and many other pages, I intend to enrich the minds of some of our youngsters and try to gear them towards seeking the bright side of the web. Moreover I try to entice them to be creative about the web. I admit that it is not easy, yet I permanently try..

Many of you are wondering what is Internet if it is not a mere means of communication like the telephone? It provides chat opportunities and many other facilities. I could agree if I don't keep curiously inquiring if the communication via internet were not more virtual than real. We often chat with phantoms, don't we? Internet is not important or unimportant in itself. It's our behavior towards it which counts the most.

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