PSIONIC - Quantum Electronics

II - Welcome to QE

The work in QE or Quantum Electronics- a term I dubbed years ago, begins with an understanding of what we know. This in turn raises serious questions on what we thought we knew, as well as what we don’t.

Continued from the book “Magic: Science of The Future”, by Joseph F. Goodavage:

An undiscovered ability of L-fields to control populations- possibly a “species specific” power-may control the combination of genetics among, say, ants and sharks so as to balance their numbers with all other populations, genera, and species of the terrestrial ecology. Such a theory is anti-evolution…

…The L-field is inside and outside; it’s above, below, and completely surrounding every chromosome and gene, every molecule, atom, and particle of your body as well as every other organism in, on or under the Earth- including the Earth itself, the solar system, the Galaxy-and the Universe.

The presently detectable segment of the L-field is probably a reflection or component of a supersentient force, a great conscious Awareness whose facets are time and timelessness, all energy, all matter, all we can know or imagine or dream- and all that is unimaginable. It is Everything and more- across, through, and beyond countless oceans of dimensions the human brain is not equipped to comprehend…

Threshold of a New Era?

Something is definitely happening to us as a species. According to U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, “Mass human consciousness will be the decisive factor in determining the quality and condition of mankind’s future life on this planet.”

What about psionics? In 1956 the late science editor of Analog magazine, John W. Campbell, observed, “Psionics is the field of human achievement beyond science. He predicted that it would take 20 years before psionics machines were perfected an accepted. “But that can be and will be done,” he said, “by 1976.”

The requirement for scientific acceptance of Psionics, he added, will be a viable theory explaining just how these quasi-electronic devices work and how they amplify, focus and project human thought and emotions. Voltage measurements of the “nonphysical” electrodynamic fields of humans can measure subjective states of consciousness such as hypnosis, deep meditation, affection, love, hatred and even more transcendental forms of energy. According to Wilhelm Reich of “orgone energy” fame, orgasm itself is essentially a psychic phenomenon.

…Psionics could not be explained until the recent discovery of the L-field, or Universal Field of Life (the indestructible, nonphysical matrix that controls the physical form and function of all living things). Scientists are learning about differences in energy potential between the brain and nonphysical Mind. They’re building psychotronic generators and psionic machines that amplify human telepathic abilities and influence living things, mainly plants and insects, from great distances.

Nikola Tesla, the electronics genius who awed even Steinmetz and Edison with his brilliance, once observed, “When science begins the study of nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade then in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

It’s happening right on schedule. Many psychics and clairvoyants can get a “reading” from a ring or wristwatch someone has worn. Others can bend metal at the molecular level with the power of thought, mentally manipulate light, and create pictures on a photographic emulsion with their minds. Still others use psionics devices to cure illness and disease – or to kill- at great distance.

…Some suppressed inventions fairly boggle the mind, but they often help to illuminate the dark corners of the mass psyche. The Hieronymus Machine, for example, is a patented device that has been used to repel –and kill-millions of insects on hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland-merely from aerial photographs of the land!

A device patented in Great Britain called the Delawarr Camera is used to diagnose (and treat) human illness and disease from great distances- according to certain unknown, recognized and completely baffling laws of the Universe. The Drown Machine is a patented American Psionic machine. Its inventor, Ruth Drown, died shortly after being confined in a California prison while awaiting trial for medical fraud (after successfully treating hundreds of patients that doctors were unable to help)

These machines (I’ve personally collected the patents and seen many of them in operation) have circuit diagrams that in some strange way seem to detect, amplify, and direct human thought and emotion to accomplish specific objectives- whatever thoughts are in the mind of the person who operates the machine! This is a totally new concept of natural law; it makes Mind itself the controlling force of the L-field. As one of Albert Einstein’s close collaborators (the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Pascal Jordan) reported, “Gravity has certain characteristics in common with the energy that transmits telepathic information…both work at a distance and through obstacles.”

Morris K. Jessup, American astronomer, physicist, archeologist, and psionics expert, was working on this theory before his mysterious and untimely death in 1959. He had devoted years to the investigation of great ancient stoneworks and engineering marvels of Egypt, Central and South America. No heavy trucks, earth-moving equipment, or crane ever built is capable of transporting 20,000 ton slabs of rock across hundreds of miles of rough terrain, lifting them high in the air, and grinding them back and forth, in situ, to a perfect fit.

The builders of Baalbeck did it thousands of years ago. “They were levitators,” concluded Dr. Jessup, “who had mastered the secret of antigravity.”

…The same principle was introduced by a radiation therapist at Travis Air Base Hospital in California. The young doctor, whose work is more fully detailed in Chapter 5, trained terminally ill cancer patients to cure themselves through meditation, during which they visualized their body mechanisms at work healing and curing their disease. The result: 75 percent of his terminally ill patients experienced total remission! And as Ruth Drown taught, “Whatever we can do within our own bodies can also be done to help others with these electronic machines- even at a distance.”

In the late 1940’s three astonished Commerce Department officials wrestled with their consciences over a device that couldn’t possibly work, yet did. It took three years before they granted U.S. Patent No. 2,482,773 to T. Galen Hieronymus, thus unleashing a wave of controversy and fear as some emotional reactions to real or imagined demon possession. But the Hieronymus Machine is not a fiction. The inventor tried to calm the rising tide of terror among those who knew enough to appreciate the potential of the thing he’d built:

“There’s an energy radiating from, or a force field surrounding each isotope or element of material matter in the Universe. When two or more elements are joined together into a molecule of that matter, that molecule radiates an energy that is peculiar to that compound. (Columbia University scientists recently made the same discovery.)

“Instruments have been invented and patented that can ‘tune in’ to these radiations. By careful and skilled use of Eloptic (i.e., electrical an optical) Energy with such instruments, it is possible to analyze almost anything in the material world and to discover the constituent components…

“The energy can be refracted through a prism and conducted along light rays. It can be conducted along copper wires, through electronic condensers and capacitors, and manipulated like electricity. The energy from a human being can be conducted along light rays and implanted on a light sensitive film, and again onto a print made from that film. The print can be moved to any distance away from the person, changing from moment to moment as the person changes. It was this principle that we used in order to follow the Apollo astronauts (8 and 11 through 17) into space and test them as they changed due to gravity and to other influences throughout the lunar flights.”

This is an important point made above. Have you heard how certain tribes around the world including peoples in our native America do not wish to be photographed thinking it could capture their souls? Well guess what. And remember this book was written before the advent of fiber optics. Do you suppose that more than just digitized information could go down the same conduits? Again have you heard how you are not supposed to photograph the Nichiren Daishonin Gohonzon? Could it be more than counterfeiting they are worried about? What about currency? There are a lot of unique attributes to bills. Could the design work itself create and set up certain frequencies or an energy?

Even though it seemed to make sense – almost, the damned thing posed a major paradox: the principles on which Hieronymus said it operated are beyond anything known to science. Yet hundreds of independent experiments have confirmed his claims by duplicating everything he said his device could do. Within the last year, Bell Laboratories and other electronics companies have been negotiating for the rights to his patent. In the Soviet Union scientists have employed psionics devices with Kirlian photography (to capture in color and stop or time-lapse motion picture photography the dazzling electrodynamic patterns from living organisms) to obtain almost mind-boggling results.

The Soviet Academy of Sciences seems to be far ahead in these studies. It has been called “radionics” as well as psionics, radiesthesia, and even bionics. Nikola Tesla detected the energy in living organisms, in magnets, crystals, and even blood samples. The “Father of Radionics,” Dr. Henry Abrams, called this force Mitogenic radiation, Mesmer called it Animal Magnetism, Baron von Reichenbach said it was the Odic Force, Wilhelm Reich termed it Orgone Energy, Hieronymus says it’s Eloptic Radiation.

They were all, of course, referring to the same force, about which a totally new scientific concept of the Universe is now being formulated among accepted and respected institutions such as Yale, Duke, the University of Pennsylvania and other centers of higher learning.

A search of foreign patent offices during the past seven years has netted variations on the Hieronymus Machine in England, Germany, Australia, Canada, and throughout Western Europe. Each one of them has its own astonishing tale – and each was discovered independently!

A psionic device called U.K.A.C.O. was developed by the Homeotronic Research Foundation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The founder was Brig. Gen. Henry R. Gross (ret.) former state director of Selective Service in Harrisburg. He stimulated and increased the growth and yield of hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland throughout Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Arizona. (Now happily retired almost 90-year old multimillionaire, Gross has donated all his machines and life’s work to Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc., in Washington, D.C. This heavily funded private organization is planning a total public release of their findings within three years.) General Gross and his colleagues successfully repelled billions of insect pests and killed billions more – simply by placing photographs of the blighted farmland in compartments of their psionic devices and turning certain dials.

An organization called the Round Table Foundation was established in Camden, Maine by the world-famous neurologist, Dr. Andrija Puharich to build and test every known model (and adaptation) of psionic device. Skilled technical and professional help streamed in from all over the U.S. and abroad. Energy from beyond the known electromagnetic spectrum was repeatedly amplified and directed with complete precision anywhere on Earth – and in two instances to the Moon and beyond.

At this point I would like to interject some notes of interest. First, Andrija Puharich was an associate of Uri Geller’s. They travelled extensively together, and are involved in helping out Israel as documented in the book called “URI, A journal of The Mystery of Uri Geller” by Andrua Puharich. Notice the spelling is different. Andrua is what I am copying off the book as I read it, and I have some doubts that the good doctor mentioned in Magic: Science of The Future is a different doctor. But the spelling is Andrija in that book. Also notice the strange choice of name for the organization founded by Andrija P. The Round Table? What’s up with that? Certainly it is not the Round Table of England famous for starting the other offshoots like the Council on Foreign Relations, yet perhaps there is some influence from that organization that caused the name of this one…

…From a purely technological viewpoint, the third industrial revolution (mainly ultramicrominiaturization of electronics) indicates that the planets, stars, and even distant Galaxies figure in human destiny. But there’s more – much, much, much, more. The refined energies briefly outlined here indicate forces that exceed light speed by multiples of its own velocity! It relates these forces to gravity, telepathy, the Universal Field of Life, and energies beyond the L-field that are yet to be discovered.

In QE2 we will examine more about the properties of this energy. My reason for dubbing the term Quantum Level electronics should be apparent by now. It seems to me that what they have all stumbled upon in their research is a unified force, the one Einstein was searching for in formulae. I believe though that the properties of this energy based on what the scientists are finding, has attributes other than just being a force, a brute force that binds things together. No, this is a force with other complex attributes that are identified with intelligence. One thing is certain; mind is able to influence the direction and behavior of the force. And as you will see you can amplify that force. Could it be that we are only now just rediscovering something that has been secretly known for ages in secret societies? Could what we are now learning been part of an extraterrestrial knowledge? Interesting isn’t it that by reading about the occult in works by David Icke and others that key lines seem to exist in a global pattern that is related to our magnetic poles. You will find out many churches and other landmarks around the world but especially in Britain, are located on points where these lines intersect? Further, it has been found these key lines and other forms of lines, like power lines, act as conduits for energy like that of the unified field or L-field, an energy not electrical, but with some of the same properties. I think you should know satanic or occult rituals and sacrifice and torture have purposely been propagated on these lines. They transmit over these lines over vast distances where they seem to get broadcast around the world or on parts of the globe that influence human behavior somehow. For some unknown reason we have our children being taught in schools that are built on cheap basements owned by the government and leased to power companies. Could a violent death of ritualistic quality, or a sexual act or both, be somehow used by these cults for a more important reason than just to satisfy a demon? Keep this in mind during the studies…

In a separate illustration, (Figure 1-1), is a symbol I want you to remember. It is integral to the study. It is the ying and yang. How can I say it anymore eloquently? Everything including the unified force is diametric. There is a positive and a negative mirror component.