2003 Rookie of The Year
Semi-Pro Division
Luskville Dragway, Quebec

6th Place 2003 NHRA Semi-Pro Points
Luskville Dragway, Quebec

Winner of "Stock Stang 2003"
Luskville Dragway, Quebec

Lentech Automatics sponsored Fun Ford Saturday
"Best Appearing Street Ford 1979-2003"

I bought this car in December 2001 as a "streetable" 1/8th & 1/4 mile racer.
Over the next few years I will build it up to eventually hit the 9-10 second mark
while remaining a summer driver. I have already been able to run a 12.9 @ 104
with the bone stock, speed density, 5 liter and the stock T-5 5 speed...all without
touching the engine! Now that the car is properly set-up, I will decide whether to
replace the engine or modify it. I also have a 125 NOS kit that I want to try out
while I'm deciding what to do. I currently race in NHRA's Semi-Pro division at
my favorite place, Luskville Dragway and I plan to enter  Super-Pro by 2005.
My sponsor is Crilly Chassis Works, 856 Campbell Ave, Ottawa Ontario. 729-6013
They specialize in all kinds of custom fabrications, chassis building & reinforcing,
not to mention just about any performance modification for GM, Ford & Imports.

A special note about racing

Modifications to date:

1 5/8" headers - 3" exhaust to Flowmasters
Full spool 8.8" 4:10 gears & Ripper Shifter,
33 Spline 4 bolt Strange axles w/C Clip eliminator kit
Aluminum drive shaft, HD Ford clutch TCI line-lock
Lakewood drag shocks, Southside traction bars
Custom frame connectors, MaxSpeed racing seats w/5pt.
M/T 28x11.5 ET Streets & Sportman 26x7.5 fronts
I also have a 125 NOS PowerShot waiting to go in

Best time slip to date (Luskville Dragway)

Reaction                    .664
60ft                         1.758
330ft                        5.559
1/8th mile ET            8.239
1/8th MPH                82.938
 1/4 ET                     12.978
1/4 MPH                 104.172

A few of my freaky slips :
.499 RT slips     Identical ET & MPH (2 runs apart)

Click here for pictures of my car

My 2003 Track Photography
All these shots were taken by Buzz Haze
at Luskville Dragway during the 2003 season
Haze Entertainment®2003

My 2004 Track Photography
All these shots were taken by Buzz Haze
at Luskville Dragway during the 2004 season
Haze Entertainment®2004

Drag Racing Videos
These videos were filmed by Dave Kempster
and Buzz Haze at Luskville Dragway in 2003
Haze Entertainment®2003

About Me

**Due to the unrealistic limitations set by
Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Service
I am unable to post MultiMedia files
to this website. Thanks to fellow drag
racer Gary Brosius, I am able to
share my track photography and
racing videos in the above 2 links.
Thanks Gary!!!!!!

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