The Bermuda-Triangle
Part One: Hyrule
Summery- Keith and Cari are brother and sister who have trouble getting along. Cari loves the Legend of Zelda and Keith doesn't understand it at all. The two are on a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle. Keith falls overboard with Cari, landing in Hyrule. The two are seperated and reunited. They join Link and Navi to help them save the world. To do this, they must avoid Ganondorf's attention and cannot tell Link they know what's supposed to happen.

Point of Veiw- Third Person Limited

Status- In Progress

Chapter Summeries-
    1. Not Quite a Dream Vacation-
Keith and Cari are arguing on their stateroom's veranda. Keith lazily sits on the railing and falls overboard, Cari trying to save him and failing. They land in Hyrule.
2. Magic Does Not Exist!- Keith meets Link and Navi in the Kokiri Forest. They travel into the Great Deku Tree to break the curse, with Navi critisising Keith about his fighting skills. Cari ends up at Lon Lon Ranch and working there for a place to stay.
3. Arachnid Phobia, Skulltula Webs, and Deku Scrubs... Oh Great- Keith, Link, and Navi continue to try and break the Great Deku Trees curse. Keith reveals an embarrassing fact and the trio meets Queen Gohma.

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