Epona's Ocarina
Summery- We all know Link's story during Ocarina of Time, but what about his loyal companion, Epona? This is her side of the story. Starting when she was just a foal, this story spans the seven years Link is in the Sacred Realm all the way to when Link is taken back in time.
Point of View- Third Person Limited
Inspiration- Ocarina of Time
Status- In progress
Chapter Summeries-
1. Malon's Little Crush- Epona and her mother, Queenie, live on Lon Lon Ranch and are taken care of by Malon. Just an inroduction.
2. Link aka Fairy Boy- When Malon comes home with a crush, Epona feels abandoned.She meets Link and he earns her trust. The castle is attacked and life on the ranch changes forever.
3. Falling Apart- Three years have passed since Hyrule was taken over. When Ingo visits the new king, Malon and Epona's lives change drastically.
4. Ganondorf's Horse- Ingo wants a stallion to give to Ganondorf, but there's no stallions on the ranch. So, he tries to take Epona's best friend.
    5. An Old Friend-
Ingo comes up with a plan to get Ganondorf to take Epona. But only four months later, Link turns up.
6. Racing Towards Freedom- After a sweet reunion, Link takes a huge risk, he bets with Ingo. Now Link and Epona have to race, or Link, Epona, and Malon would be trapped.
7. The Kokiri, Children of the Forest- Link and Epona end up in the forest and meet the Kokiri. Link leaves to find his best friend, leaving Epona to look over the Kokiri.
   8. Kokiri Adventures- Taking care of the Kokiri is harder than expected. But if that isn't enough, now Epona has to protect them from monsters!
9. So Many Truths, So Little Time- Epona meets the Deku Tree Sprout. She finds out answers to her questions, only to get more questions.
   10. Next Stop: Death Mountain- Link and Epona head to Death Mountain, only to find out that the Gorons have disappeared. Link swears to rescue the race.

More to Come!
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