Red's Audio-Visual Page
Hello, hello!  If you are here, then your name must be...  Glen!  Hi Glen!
This was an old, rather dusty webpage that I used to have.  Until now, that is!  I've spiffed it all  up.

You may be wondering, "Gee, whatever did possess Red to make up this page for me?"  Well, Glen, I should be honest with you.  This is mostly just a copy of a new webpage of mine.  The only things different are my personal messages to you, and the fact that...  All the content here has been approved for military audiences.  By whom, you may ask?  By me.  Hee hee hee.
On with the show!
Warning: This page contains content only suitable for those who are considered adults.

Warning: This page contains audio files that are decidedly amateurish, and contain various annoying sounds, eg.: coughs, throat-clearing, and loud breathing.
Red's Random Thing of The Week!