Varta Shaitya


Vartas from the Chaurashi Vaishnav ki Varta - the 84 exlemporary deciples of Shri Vallabh and the 252 deciples of Shri Gusaiji.

Varta Sahitya :- Introduction to the stories of the desciples of Shri Vallabh and Shri Gosaiji.


84 Vaishnavs

Kumbhandasji :- The first of the Ashtachap and one of the most staunch devotees of Sri Vallabh.

Ramdasji :- 5 stories of Ramdasji

Padmanabhdasji :- Life story of Padnabhdasji - the 4th Vaishnav in the anthology.
        Varta 1, Varta 2, Varta 3, Varta 4, Varta 5, Varta 6, Varta 7

Tulasa :- Eldest daughter of Padmanabhdasji

Parvatiji :- Daughter-in-law of Padmanabhdasji

Raghunathdasji :- Grandson of Padmanabhdasji

JagganNath Joshi's Mother - Varta 31
                Jaggannath Joshi
                            Narhar Joshi



252 Vaishnavs

Seth's Daughter from Lahor - varta 31

Potter from Gujarat - varta 32

Govinddas - from Mathura varta 33

Brahmin from Mathura - varta 34

Sanoriya Brahmin from Braja - varta 35

A mother, son and daugther-in-law - varta 36

Alikhan and his daughter from Mahavan - varta 37

Brahmin lady from Ujjain - varta 38

Mathuradas - varta 39

Vaishnav's son from South India - varta 40

Poor Brahmin from Mathura - varta 41

Vaishnav from Mahavan - varta 42

Vaishnav from Mahavan - varta 42

Wife of a Shaukar - varta 43

Shyamdas from Gujarat - varta 44

Kashtrani from the East - varta 83

Vaishnavs from Ujjain - varta of Vaishnavs in Ujjain


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