Festivals in a Pushti Haveli are a colourful affair. Everything depends on the seasons and bhava (mood / emotion) of the season. Here we have listed some of the colourful events in detail. Should any reader have anything more to add, please email us at Pushti_Marg@Geocities.com

Janmastami - festivities as observed during Janmastami 2001 by Ketul Patel

Pavitra Ekadashi - colourful silken garlands adorn the Lord during the Hindola season. (summer 2005)

Sanji - the colourful designs created in havelis of Pushti Marg !

Divali - 5 days of fun and festivities at Nathadwara.

Holi - general info for all havelies.

            Holi - Festival of Faith or Colour ?  Reasons why we celebrate Holi.

Holi and Dhuleti - as celebrated by Shri Nathji.

Dolottasava - at Kakaroli.

Summer Festivities - Chandan choli etc.

Monsoon Festivities - Jhulan kae din ayo - season of swings !

Adhik-mas - The extra month of celebration and devotion.

Manoraths celebrated during Adhik-mas

Eclipse - Rituals performed in the home & the Haveli and Pushti Marg's own Madhur bhav of the event. - by Goswami Bharatkumarji (Pune, India) 

Eclipse - an excellent time to do darshan of the Lord.


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