Information about the Haveli at Nathadwara

All you wanted to know about the Haveli at Nathadwara, but never knew.

Map of the Haveli

Architecture of a typical Haveli

Servants of the Lord - the sevaks of the Lord at Nathadwara.

Wages for the servants of the Lord.

Padas and Kirtans sung in the Haveli.

Best way to do Darshans in the Haveli !  Personal hints and tips !

The darshans in a Haveli :- The doors of the inner sanctum open 8 times a day to allow us a glimpse of the Lord..

Arti :- A popular ritual at darshan times.

Arti - two articles, describing the ritual's inner meaning

Article by Shri Bharat Goswamiji                 Article by Shastri Shri Jai Vallabhji

Seva :- The most natural interaction between us and God !

Haveli Music :- Traditional Drupad style of music as preserved in the Haveli. Explaining the difference between bhajans and padas of Pushti Marg.


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