Introduction to Pushti Marg


Basic introduction to Pushti Marg Svarup - forms of the Lord as envisioned in Pushti Marg Shri Yamunaji and Her importance in Pushti Marg
Basic Concepts and terms of Pushti Marg Svarup of ShriNathji - different bhavas of the divine form Shri MahaPrabhuji and early years of the sect
Raag, Bhog, Shringar, the central tenants of Pushti Marg Svarup of ShriNathji - Some details for Shrithji's form Gopinathji the eldest son of Shri Vallabh
Pichoi, the beautiful backdrops used in the Havelis of Pushti Marg Shri Krushna, an introduction Gusaiji, Shri VitthalNathji, the most charismatic leader of sect to-date.
Practical Pichoi ! create your own pichoi in your own seva Brahma Sambandha - reasons for forming a relationship with God !  


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