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 Links with Indian Religious themes.


Aum, Magic of the Pranav mantra, in art and philosophy.

Balaji the original temple in Andra, India

Balaji's temple in Hong Kong.

Balaji - a site for Lord of the Sheshachal in USA !

Banke Bihari's famous temple in Vraj (India)

Bhagwat's Humble Abode, Philosophy, festivals and travel articles.

Dattapeetham, Swami Shri Ganapathi Sachidanada's site on Lord Datta, yoga and healing through music...

Dwarikadhishji's temple and lots of information about the sights and sounds of Dwarika itself are here at this great site.

Gems of Vaishnav saints and sites, especially Puri.

Goswami Rajesh Kumarji's site on Pushti Marg.

Goswami Prashant Kumarji's excellent site with varied content of art, rituals, recipes and Pushti Marg's unique way of serving the Lord.

Great site on Hinduism

Haveli of Shri Nathji in New York, on-line !

Hindu Joy

Hindu net

Hinduism Today, Magazine and information, HQ Hawaii !

Hindu sites, great resource

Indian Temple, list and info

Kanchi Kamakshi Mutt, Adi Shankar's main mutta at Kanchi, South India.

Krishna Temple at Udupi, My favourite site on the temple and rituals at Udupi.

Krupanidhi Trust and Pancham Peetha can be accessed from this one site.

Library ! Lots of links for Indian cultural and religious sites.

Mirabia's mandir.  Sain, singer a  rebel with surprisingly modern ideas !

Pakistani Hindu Patrika, full of information.

Sanskrit Site, Most thorough and comprehensive. Certainly worth a visit., small gallery, but aims to add much more.

Shri Yantra - Mystical map of the Spiritual Universe.

Shunya, Ancient spiritual experiment, carried forward to modern times.

Surdas - the most renouned of all the poet saints of the Pushti Marg

Swadhyaya, one of many sites dedicated to the excellent work of HH Pandurang Shastriji (Pujya Dada)

Tribute to Hinduisum, an excellent and well researched site on all things Hindu.

Vaishnav Parivar and Balpushti, great publications and a charitable trust for Pushti Marg.

Vallabhacharyaji's site, dedicated to Him and His life's work.

Vraj - Haveli in USA !

Upnishads. India's great gift to the spiritual understanding of the Universal Spirit.

Sites related to India in general.


Apana Guide - give your views and read others reviews...

Books on India to order books on all things Indian...

Culture Links form the Bay Area, SF.

HoliHangama ! For festival fun..., For all things Indian, travel, cooking etc. Excellent resource.

Indian Tourist Office UK - Official government tourist info for all travellers

Indian Mythology, site dedicated to world's greatest store of one of world's folk and spiritual lore.

IT in India, all sorts of info on the IT industry in India.

Itihaas - the History of India

Jokes per byte! A very funny site indeed !

Kairav's page on Panchang etc.

Kushan, art and analysis on this 2nd Century period of Indian art.

Lonely Planet Guide to India, Don't know the full extent of information on this site, but should be good.

Makar, for great CDs featuring classical Indian music

On-Time Management, produce various interactive items for all things Indian / Hindu.

Ragadhara, Karnatic music on-line

Samachar - a most comprehensive site on news from around India and the world.

Saraswati Sindhu Civilisation - lots of info !

Shri Suraj Enterprises sells products with a religious theme.

World Heritage, Excellent site to link up and see the World's heritage sites from around the globe.

Zinnia, a virtual shop for all things pretty and Indian...


Free help, software, email addresses etc.....


Bigfoot, for email searches and FREE e-mail address.

Donate land for forests - at the click of a button, at no cost to you, do this good deed of the day !

Feed the world ! A most generous site that allows you to feed the world at the click of a button !

HappyPuppy, Games Games and more Games ! (and how to cheat at games !!), FREE e-mail address with !

More free stuff ! For all sorts of things FREE., Interesting site.


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Cultural Search Engine.

Khoj - a great Indian search engine.

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