Sacred Sites

Here are some articles that relate to some of the most sacred sites around India which were frequently visited by Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji.

Nathadwara :- An introduction to the town and its environs.

Tirupati :- The tutilary deity of Shri Vallabh's ancestors, description and pictures of the deity

Dakor :- History :- How the Lord of Dwarika come to reside in Gujarat.

Ranchodji :- Details about the icon of Lord Shri Dwarikadhish / Vishnu at Dakor.

Temple at Dakor :- Layout and "plan" of the temple.

Dakor as today :- Introduction to the town of Dakor.

Dwarika :- Overview of the ancient capital of Lord Shri Krshna.

                Dwarikadhishji's temple, its environs are at this excellent site web site.

Puri :- Shri Vallabh's association with the town.

Chariot of the Lord :- Describing the origins of the word "Juggernaut" in the west.

Festivals at Puri :- Fairly comprehensive list of festivals celebrated at Puri.

Festive attire of the Lord at Puri :- Description and some paintings of the Lord's extensive wardrobe.

Varanasi :- The oldest living city in the world

ManiKarnika ghat :- The sacred burning ghat of Kashi where Lord Shiva resides.

Baethak :- Sacred sites where initially Vallabh kula recited Shrimad Bhavatam and preached the message of Pushti Marg.

                Information and pictures of Baethakjis in the Dwarika area are at this web site.


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