The Hidden Citadel


       ...twilight, bearing lovers' gift, decends with purpose towards the lake. Her mist--her dowry-- paid in full, the lady retreats into its calm, truthful depths and gazes at herself from above. As the light fails, and stars become mourners, a mist takes form, and walls mortar themselves. This is a ritual that has gone on as long as imagination has begged protection. The twilight falls...
Thus, the mist becomes the keep, and 
Thus the lake gives up its deep.
The spirit roused from daylight's cell,
Is Kismul: Hidden Citadel.

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       The Hidden Citadel is the primary influence in nearly all that happens in Terre Solitaire. From this stark and forbidding castle-- invisible in daylight-- the entities of the PVELP keep a watchful eye over the whispering forests and rebellious peaks of the land. Though this duty seems a dreadfully dull undertaking, there is more than enough merriment within the walls to compensate for the long, arduous hours spent keeping all in order. 
        There are four places within the citadel that shall be featured here. The first is the Library, wherein one may find research links, thoughts on certain authors, and some literature by the PVELP herself. The second is the Gallery, for PVELP's art-- which includes portraits of the entities of Terre Solitaire. Thirdly, of course, the Chapel is in existance for all those who are spiritually inclined; however, I must warn you that the PVELP is not a universalist, and you may find her opinions contrary to some of your own. And finally, the Tower is the page for all of the PVELP's favourite meteorology and astronomy links. 
        Have fun rumaging through the castle!

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the library
the gallery
the chapel
the tower
the great hall

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