Bristol Secondary Branch
Physical Conditions:
Ballast: Gravel and Stone
Clearance: N/A
Culverts: N/A
Drainage: Poor
Overhead Bridges: 3
Surface: Poor
Ties: Poor
Track Bridges: 2
Weight of Rail: 107#
Signalization: None
Grade Crossings: There is one public at-grade crossing over the rail line, excluding those crossing the bike path.
Unusual physical features/track and structure problems: On the track segment used for freight, track conditions are marginal.  From Mile Post 3.35 to the end of the line in Bristol at Mile Post 15.7 the line becomes the East Bay Bike Path.  The bike path extends from Riverside Square to Bristol and is planned to extend to India Point Park in Providence following the Bristol Secondary Track right-of-way for much of its length.  It should be noted that the bike path is considered an interim use with the state retaining the line for future long term rail use.  The Seekonk River Railroad Bridge remains intact in the open position.  The last known operation of the bridge was in February 1981.
Industry served: Construction of the Wilkes Barre Pier by the Providence & Worcester RR is anticipated to develop significant rail traffic on this line.  It is also hoped that completion of the pier will attract industrial usage in the area.