Hi! Welcome to my website, dedicated to one of the greatest actors of all time, Robert Powell. I tried to get as much information as I could about Robert, but I could not  find any web sites on him, so I had to dig through a whole bunch of movie sites to find out as much as I could. I have posted as much as I can and a lot of images, so I hope you enjoy it! Before I go on, I would like to mention that I am NOT Robert Powell, and I don't have direct contact with him. I put a disclaimer at the bottom of the page, but I guess some people fail to read it since I've gotten some email from people who think I am Robert. This is just a fan site.
If you have anything you would like for me to add to the site, (pictures, sounds, etc.) please send them to me at
pyhee_the_ii@hotmail.com. If you would like to use any of my images, feel free to. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave!


   I just got an email from 'Colin' that contained a sketch of Robert- it's really awesome! To check it out,
click here.
I just did another update today...A couple more sounds, and I'm adding some more images real soon as soon as my dad lets me steal his digital camera...:) Oh, and there are lots more reviews, thanks to a fellow fan, Gisela...everyone say, "Thank you, Gisela!" :)
Hey, everyone, guess what today is? Robert's birthday! Everyone say, "Happy Birthday, Robert!"
Yes, I know, it's been forever since I've updated...sorry! Happy new year, by the way...I was just informed that there is a video missing on Robert's filmography- "The Death Policy"...anyone seen it? Also, I'm adding a link to my links page- Gisela just made a site for Robert....it's great! Check it out at
Sorry I haven't been updating, you guys...there are a ton of interviews and stuff out there that should be on this page...check out Gisela's site (on my links) to get a more updated page. Anyways, there have been rumors that Robert passed away- they  are NOT TRUE... even if he has virtually disappeared from the screen, he is still doing theatre productions and living with his wife, Babs
*Disclaimer: This is not an official web site, and I am not in any way related or have any contact with Robert Powell.
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