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  • Moderate Carbohydrate consumption
  • Moderate Protein consumption
  • Low-fat consumption
  • 1600-1800 Calorie/No required calorie counting
  • Low Dairy product consumption
  • Low "red meat" consumption
  • Moderate Whole Grain consumption
  • High Vegetable & Fruit consumption
This diet can help most people look better, be healthier & save $$ on groceries!


"Good" Foods Versus "Bad" Foods?

The New Pyramid Diet was initially developed in the 1980's by a team of cardiologists ("heart specialists") located in the "Research Triangle" strictly for use by their patients. These physicians remain convinced that many health problems that prompt patients to visit them are related to and aggravated by poor eating habits. Many of the poor eating habits of patients were attributable to careless eating habits that cause serious heart and artery health problems associated with obesity. Even patients who followed the old (pre-1992 - 5 Food Groups) USDA Food Pyramid guidelines were diagnosed with serious cardiological health problems partially, if not mostly, attributable to a dangerously (literally life threatening) unhealthy diet. The last of the team of cardiologists that originated the "New Pyramid Diet" retired from active medical practice in March, 2009. No future updates to this website are planned.

When the USDA published the 1992 Food Pyramid these physicians were alarmed that tested and published dietary research findings seemed to occupy a secondary consideration to actual promotion of the sugar, dairy and meat industries. (After all, the USDA is responsible for promoting the consumption of these foods.) The 1992 USDA Food Pyramid servings guidelines are too high for sugar, dairy and meats and, if followed, would contribute to serious health problems, especially heart and artery health.

Please do not confuse our New Pyramid Diet with the new 2004 USDA Food Pyramid. The new 2004 USDA Food Pyramids are an improvement over the 1992 Food Pyramid dietary guidelines. But after researching the details of the 2004 USDA Food Pyramids we conclude that the guidelines still promote unhealthy levels of consumption from the sugar, dairy and red meat industries that, if followed, would contribute to heart and artery health problems. It should come as no surprise then that we are convinced our New Pyramid Diet is your healthier option. We do not suffer from tunnel vision because we are also convinced there are several "popular" diets and weight loss programs that are healthier than the 2004 USDA Food Pyramids guidelines. The simple truth is that many of our patients cannot afford the cost of "popular" diets and weight loss programs. If, on the other hand, you can afford the "popular" diet and weight loss program we do encourage you try them.

The New Pyramid Diet grew from a one page mimeographed handout to this website. This website contains contributions and refinements from numerous dieticians, nutritionists, researchers and AMA Board Certified physicians representing most specialties and practices. Our New Pyramid Diet was placed on the internet to offer our patients quick access to sound eating and nutritional information that was available to them at the most attractive price: FREE! There have not been and are not plans to publish this diet in a book because there have been and continue to be so many expert contributors. Therefore, do not make a mistake of emailing the New Pyramid Diet to request a copy of it...there is none. If there were a published copy, it certainly would not be free! Just think of the price of paper and ink alone! Our New Pyramid Diet is available free and only on the internet. Just click through its pages and print those you want if you must have a "hard" copy.

Every once in a while a webmaster guru emails an offer to modernize our website (it probably needs more frequent updating) and place it in a high traffic domain (usually for a fee.) Such webmaster wanabe may be well-intentioned, but seems to miss the point that we want this website to remain FREE to our patients and to those of you who find us. The New Pyramid Diet is still "prescribed" by this and other teams of physicians for their patients. We do adjust the New Pyramid Diet to meet the particular needs of the individual patient.

That said, we issue this important WARNING: This is an extreme medical diet, not to be confused with popular "fad" diets. You are to consult your own physician before starting this or any other diet.

The American Diet and the Obesity Epidemic:

Fast foods...Prepackaged convenience dishes...Frozen entrees...Microwave meals...Mexican mixes...Chinese take-out...That old standby - TV dinners...Frozen pizzas...Toaster pop-ins...Instant breakfasts...Healthy bars...sugar-rich "Sports" drinks...and on and on! As a population, Americans have developed very poor eating habits - often for the sake of convenience - that result in health problems associated with poor weight control.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that Americans are growing more obese and sedentary. There is an "obesity epidemic" in America today. In the period from 1978-1995, male obesity increased 72% and female obesity increased 58%; the above age 50 group had the quickest weight gains. According to the data, excess weight claims over 350,000 American lives prematurely each year by contributing to heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain cancers. Individuals who are overweight by 40 pounds or more double their risks of getting cancer, increase risks of stroke 2.5 times and increases risks of developing diabetes ten times! But the number one killer due to obesity is heart attack; the first symptom of most heart attacks is sudden death. Millions suffer from a wide range of conditions from hemorrhoids to diverticulitis to high cholesterol to colon cancer from fiber-poor diets and obesity. Obesity related premature death figures are rising faster than smoking related premature deaths. Obesity has surpassed smoking as the leading cause of premature deaths in America.

If the past 10,000 years of human history are any indication of the future, obesity is our inevitable fate. According to one theory, evolution favored those who craved high fat, high carbohydrate foods and stored excess calories in fatty deposits against times of famine. So our heavy thighs, pot bellies, love handles and rotundness is part of the grand scheme of things.

Mother Nature's plan worked reasonably well for thousands of years because only a small fraction of people had access to unlimited food supplies and servants to do everything. It is only in the twentieth century that improvements in agriculture and work saving inventions combined to permit most Americans to live like royalty. The result is inevitable: too many Americans look like Henry VIII! In 1950, 25% of Americans were overweight; today more than 50%. If the trend continues, over 75% will be overweight by 2025! Why? In spite of the warnings, Americans continue to eat too much and exercise too little.

Most Americans eat too little fruit and vegetables. Too many people consume foods from the Dairy, Meat and Sweets group, groups in the upper half of the Food Pyramid. 40% of the average American diet is dairy! Unaware that people "are what they eat", people consume according to convenience, tastes, schedules and appetites rather than their health and body requirements. Too many Americans are not mindful of what they eat or why they eat. This is one of the motivations leading to the establishment of the "New Pyramid Diet: Eat Right For Life!" website.

The consumer should consider food and drink consumption a form of medication;
their grocery store is a pharmacy;
their refrigerator is a medicine cabinet.

Most Americans eat the wrong things. Too many consumers purchase packages of "food artifacts" and boxes of "fake foods" loaded with anything but food: preservatives, sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, emulsifiers, conditioners, fresheners, leavening, enhancers, odorizers, dyes and chemicals. Study the ingredients label: is it long or short? Healthy foods have short ingredients lists: water and food. Beware long ingredient lists, especially lists with chemical names that challenge pronunciation and help sell the product more than benefit the health of the consumer. Buying and eating "real foods" from the Vegetable, Fruit and Whole Grains groups near the base of the Modified Food Pyramid, will form the basis and the bulk of a healthy diet and healthier, longer life.

Overweight people should avoid over-eating foods from the Dairy, Meat & Sweets groups. While the Dairy and Meat groups do contain nutrients vital to good health, these nutrients are also available from carefully and mindfully selected sources in the Whole Grain, Fruit and Vegetable groups. Too many servings from the Dairy, Meat and Sweets groups lead to obesity and related health problems (most notably heart disease, stroke and cancer) because most of the choices in these groups contain high levels of fat and cholesterol. It is not so much an issue of selecting "good" foods and avoiding "bad" foods as it is an awareness that too much food...too much of a good thing...IS bad.

(Your Weight Is The Number That Counts)
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