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This is the product of creativity yearning to escape the prisons of my disturbed mind. Well, disturbed might not be the proper term with which to describe my state of mind, but it's definitely not normal.

Anyway, don't forget to scrub behind your ears.
And every once in a while... Just stop, drop, and drivel. Trust me, it helps.


       Hey, what's the haps? The only thing I've done is fix some gramatical errors and put up a new page in the photo album. Too much school work right now. I've been writing but they are bits and pieces and cannot stand alone. Mostly nightmares. I've been having lots of those as of late. In conclusion, feast your eyes. That is all.
  Updated: Photo Album

       Ahoy there, mates! Ye shipwrecked or just in possession of a faulty compass, ay? Well, don't worry your pretty little heads off, loves. Grab yourselves a mop and bucket and start swabbing me deck. Of course, you can shove off to the depths of Davy Jones' locker if ye are so inclined, but I doubt that would do much for your complections, what with how water prunes your skin, poppets. Either way, I strongly suggest ye have yourself a gander at what I've done thus far because I'm not working me bullocks and arse off just for my health, savvy? Smooth sailings for your departure.
  Updated: Photo Album
  Added: 3 poems

       Greetings from afar, weary traveller. I got my ass into gear and put up all my recent works. The newest ones are denoted with *new*. There are many new lyrics, a few new literary works, and one new poem. I still haven't developed or gotten around to scanning any pictures whatsoever. That is my primary objective. To destroy the evil power!.. Er, I mean, to scan and work on photos! Until next time, don't eat the yellow snow. No matter how many times they say it, it's not lemon-flavored.

       Long time, no construction, aye? My apologies. Like I said, I'm lazy. I tweaked a few things here and there, and I doubt anyone will notice either way because no one looks at this site anyway. I've finally got the Lyrics page up and running. I've written more lyrics and those haven't been added to the archives yet, but they will be by the next update. My new goal is to either get the Photo Album up with a few pictures or to include all of my recent works because everything on this site, unless noted otherwise, is old news. I've written most of this stuff two years ago.
       Well, it's Christmas Eve. Happy holidays to everyone out there, whatever you may celebrate. Go easy on the egg nog, I hear it's a bit fattening. You also might get run over by a reindeer according to poor Grandma. They made a song about her. I believe you've heard it before...

       I added that Various Literature page I was talking about last update but decided to name it the Literary Works page. So far, there's only one piece on there and although I consider it more poetry than anything else, I decided to post it as literature because it's in a sort of letter form where I am addressing someone. At any rate, enjoy and read your little eyeballs out. My next goal is to actually get some songs on the Lyrics page up. The Photo Album will remain empty until I get my lazy ass to develop these roles of film that have been sitting here since the last decent president and trust me, that was a while ago. Until next time, look both ways before crossing the street. Poor Mr. Nutters had to learn the hard way. Let us have a moment of silence for that unfortunate squirrel.

       The Poetry page is up and running complete with all the poems I have written to date. I think I will start working on the Lyrics page or maybe make a Various Literature page. I've started writing a few short stories and I wouldn't mind sharing some. So, until next time, watch out for them underpants gnomes!

       I've found my inspiration again! I've been neglecting all my online projects and right now I'm making up for lost time. My apologies to anyone who thought this was just crap before. Any website I start to work on seems to be a flash in the pan. I just lose interest, you know?
       On to more important things. I fixed some buttons, actually made this damn scrollable cell work, and started putting my literary works into html form. You'll be able to check them out soon, but before that happens, I have to make more buttons on photoshop. Oh yay. So sit tight, kiddies! It's going to be a wild one.

       I finally renovated the site! Three cheers for me! Isn't it so spiffy now? Yeah, I know you like that. =P Anyway, all the other pages are under severe construction. I'll hopefully have those up soon. In the meantime, go eat a banana.
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