CINILE There are those who say that the most beautiful things on this dark earth
are a multitude of horsemen,
Others say an armada of ships,
Others say a multitude of flying butterflies.
But I say beauty is in the one I love.

Cinile is shy and talks little but effectively with an ability to punctuate her sentences with silly jokes. She has an element of innocence and naivety that contradicts the overpowering sensuality that she radiates.
She is not a model but she has a natural elegance and grace that most models and would be models can train their whole life and still not emulate. Because of her obvious natural assets I had no problem of making up my mind that she is the one for me.

Her distinctive features , perfectly chiseled chick bones and a dazzling smile can light up a room in a style that most people will find it hard to forget.
So loving and kind a person she is, Always making me feel happy and above all being loved by someone like her makes me great.

she was born in Matobo district on the tenth of February 1982 from a family of eleven, she is the Ninth in this family that is composed of five boys and six girls.

This is what she had to say about herself " I grew up with my mother in our rural home in Mambale. my mother used to teach me a lot of things including house hold chores. She also taught me to respect elders and an one of my age.When ever I did wrong my mother would beat me. I really loved to stay with my mother sisters and brothers.

I started my grade one in 1989 in Mambale Primary School Befo re i did my primary i did my pre school for two years at Mambale as well. At school I used to do athletics and I also played netball.During my spare time, I used to read nevelsand play dodge ball game with my friends. On Sundays I used to go church.I loved to go to church because it is were I learn't UBUNTU and life in general. After finishing my primary education with flying colors I went for my secondary education in Mambale Secondary school where I specialised in sporting activities like net ball athletics and participated in the Scripture union.this was interesting because I learnt coucelling and guidance.School was my interesting part of my life.

In 1999 I wrote my O Level and and obtained six subjects.Having passed I then went to Foundation College and studied typewriting skills , office procedures, accounting and computer communications.